feeling excited

Hi all, I wanted to share my excitement with people that understandhow ssuch small thingsto other people are rreally important to me since being diagnosed with this disease. I am going to Bristol nect weekend with my friend to visit all the Gromits statues for gromit unleased. I am really excited and downloaded the app. Going away even for one night just makes me feel like I am not letting MS win. It was hard having to call the hotel to ask for an accessible room, legs not stronge enough to hold me up wwithout crutches and can’t walk that far without needing a rest. Will hire a mobility scooter if gets too much. I know I have to make things easier for me if I am going to enjoy myself. Iam jjust feeling so excited like a kid at Christmas. Barney

Way to go, Barney

Hope you have a wonderful time and that this is the first of many more trips away!!


That`s lovely Barney!

Good for you and do borrow a scooter, as that way you will have more energy and stamina to enjoy the trip.

luv Pollx

Thanks I will do my research to work out the plans for the scooter