I just wanted to tell about the past month in my life as I wonder if other PwMS get similar luck like me.  Alright it’s not health related so that is why I say I’m lucky.


I park my scooter on my drive at the side of my house where there’s a charging point.  I month ago some kids stole it; lucky enough the Police retrieved it over the common not far from my house.  My fault really as I didn’t have a lock on it.


So I bought a lock on eBay; you guessed it by the time it came in the post it was nicked again.  This time it was not found so I claimed on my house contents insurance.


You see I always had full insurance up till last November when I cancelled it as I thought why insure it during the winter when I don’t use it and what with all the rain had no need.


So cost new £1890 got paid £300.  Someone I know was selling one for £200 so had a service for £99 so now had a scooter sitting in my drive; locked; charged now they have nicked the seat from it.


I’ve booked to go on a cruise next March so needed to renew my passport.  So got Clare my girlfriend some of you know to, take my picture.  Passport Office would not accept; must be taken by a professional but the only way I can get to the nearest one 3 miles away is on my seat less scooter.


Somehow I think someone up there does not like me but then again I know I’m the luckiest bloke alive; got lovely girlfriend; good mates; no financial worries; the air I breathe; the sun on my back but most of all I feel so well; I only wish you all to feel this way.



Great to be positive George. happy2

Sorry about all your scooter problems though. Is there no way you can keep it indoors? 

Other possibility, if on 'high mobility' DLA you could have a scooter on motorbility. Not sure what the situation is then if it gets nicked but worth looking into maybe.

Anyway, enjoy the sunny day!

Pat x

Know the score George - sometimes, I think if I fell into a barrel of tits, I would come out sucking my thumb happy

See, even in the face of adversity, you find the necessary state of mind to feel life is still good.

Bless your heart, my dear. we bought a plastic shed from B&Q to house my scooter in the back garden. You can`t fail to be surprised by yet another depth to which some morons will go.

Enjoy your cruise.

luv Pollx

Might be worth investing in a camera, point it at your driveway, there are digital cameras that only turn on and record when movement is detected. If you can identify the thieves, you then have evidence the police can use.

I'm not talking about mounting it on a wall so much as pointing it through a window.

Hi George

I am so sorry to hear of your problems with your scooter, it just ceases to amaze

me as to how low some of these morons will go.


Just a thought, I wonder if you could get a second hand seat off somewhere

like Ebay?


It's good at times like that you have good friends.



Nice story.  It's nice to hear a bit of positivity.  Good for you.  thumbsup