Does anyone want a Pride 'Celebrity' scooter for nothing

Now I want to tell you a story and at the end make an offer that will tell you why I’m giving the scooter away.

Four months ago I had my scooter nicked from its parking point in my drive. My fault did not lock it; Police found it over the common and returned it to me.

Ordered a lock on eBay but the day before the lock came in the post they nicked it again. This time it wasn’t found so I claimed on the insurance. Got new (second-hand) scooter; a Pride Celebrity about 5 years old but looked excellent.

So parked it in its place; securely locked and the bastards nicked the seat. Lucky enough my neighbour found the seat 200 yards down the road; probably kids.

I had a service on it before using and everything was hunky dory. He did say I may want new batteries soon but there’s still life in them.

I can’t use it as the seat I keep inside now and just can’t manage to keep on putting on scooter every time I go out; it’s not the weight but the bulk. will tell you about it and you can have it for nothing; just the cost of shipping to you.

Can’t be bothered with selling on eBay; too much hassle. If it interests you send me a PM.


It is such a shame that you can’t keep it, the little rats who have been doing this should be caged.

Goo dluck in finding any solutions to getting about in the future.



Hi George

Oh that’s awful, can’t believe what makes people take things

that aern’t theirs’, but also something that someone obviously


Take care

Pam x

damned morons. Id like to see how they cope if their legs failed em! callous doesn`t cut it.

luv Pollx

SCOOTERS GONE***********************