Would you get a scooter?

Finding it harder to walk the 1/2 mile up hill to take my son to school each day. A few months ago I was walking 2 miles each morning, little arm movement, so walking was one of the few things I could do!

Neuro put me on beta blockers for headaches, which increased my fatigue, these have now been changed to an epilepsy drug but early days.

Do not feel ‘safe’ driving as my vision is blurred, been to optician got ptosis and a muscle problem, but not ON.

Waiting on MRI results.

Was thinking about a mobility scooter, looks like you can get one for about £500 and would go in boot of car so would also be able to go on family days out, not able to at the moment, as even the thought of walking tries me out!

I am only 41, but do not want to be housebound and have to relay on other people.

Got my older son, calling at shop on way home from school, so I don’t have to walk as far, he passes it.

Even if MRI comes back clear, can not see be re gaining energy over night.

Hi Apple Pad, yes, given your mobility problems you would find a scooter a great help. I know you're only 41 but remember scooters are just an aid for people with mobility problems... many people in their 20s also use them.

I got one over 2 years ago and haven't looked back. A walk to the shops had become so hard that I didn't do it, or if I did, would have to get a taxi back and would then be too exhausted to do anything else. Now I have the freedom to whizz round the shops, get everything I need, stop for a coffee and come home again. On my own! I stress that because it's the independence that is so fab.

Good luck with it and with the MRI results.

Pat x

Hello Apple Pad x I would definitely if I had to!

I'm recovering from 4 months of illness during which time I was literally housebound - the one single time I went out for lunch with my hubby after a hospital appointment  - I was so shocked at how short a distance ( literally yards) I could walk before totally stiffening up & in pain followed by 2 days in bed unable to move - even to get to the loo. 

It scared me and it's been slow to improve - I can't walk very far now - but am managing because I drive.

Anyway! What I'm trying to say is Personally I would not hesitate to get one if it means like Pat said - freedom & independance xxjenxxxx

Hi there I would definitely get one Im looking into it as i dont drive and live of the beaten track as they say the only time I really get out is when my partner is on a day off and im not one for bothering other people  I used to cycle so I really miss getting out and about so yes yes yes is def my answer xxxx



This is a letter I wrote to my local newspaper.


Dear Sir,


I am disabled and for the third time in two months my mobility scooter; which is garaged in the drive at the side of my flat has been stolen


The first time a neighbour saw the criminals over Staines Common with it but unfortunately could not apprehend them as she is in a wheelchair.  A Police Officer; Dan Mills brought the scooter back to my flat and I ordered a lock on eBay.  Crime number ***************


Before the lock arrived by post it was stolen again; this time it was not retrieved.  Crime number ************


I bought a new scooter; this time I had the lock but this did not stop whoever stealing the seat from it.  A neighbour opposite found the seat 400 yards along the road and returned it to me.  I reported this to the Police but obviously as nothing is missing cannot give me a crime number.  Later I found the basket at the front of the scooter missing.


I know there is no chance of catching the offender/s but perhaps if advertised in your paper it may make these people realise the damage they are doing.  If we leave the matter I am sure it will become me being victimised and criminal damage occurring.


Thank you in anticipation; I look forward to your reply.


Moral of story; make sure yours is secure.  My insurance has doubled overnight.  Don’t let this put you off buying one; they are brilliant.



A friend of mine who has ME and is wheelchair bound had her electric wheelchair stolen a few times also. The last time she had it chained and padlocked outside a friend's house while she popped in for a drink. When she went to go home the chair was gone. It had been dismantled around the chain and padlock.

Local police were not interested.

It was found the next day having been taken for a ride and dumped.

Luckily some of her friends found the bits and pieced it back together again. She was so upset and this worsened her symptoms for a while too. Her parents were also upset and had gone out to look for it before it was found.

It didn't only effect her but also her friends and family and had a knock-on effect to her health.

Absolutely disgusting. I just can't see why anyone would steal a mobility chair/scooter when it's obvious it belongs to someone who is disabled.

it just goes to show that there are no depths to which a callous, no-brain idiot would go to, for a few minutes `fun` at some poor disadvantaged person`s expense. Sad,, sad world!

But on a more positive note, if you do get a scooter and can store it in your house/garage, you`ll soon wish you`d got one sooner. They are a godsend.

luv Pollx