Bah! Scoot or not.

I am venting.

I am going through a bad relapse where I can no longer walk as legs are heavy, numb and not supporting my own weight. I am numb from the waist down, so far steroids are not working.

Because of my legs I have to use a mobility scooter to move and I feel embarrassed and about it.

I know this sounds horrible, but, I feel there are too many people out there who use a mobility scooter but don’t really need to. It really peeves me off that I really need to use one. I just feel annoyed with the whole situation. I felt terrible when I was awarded DLA as I felt there was people out there more disabled than me.

I was diagnosed 8 years ago and have done my best not to let it beat me or get the better of me. As this is the worse I have ever been I feel people think I am one of the ‘pretenders’ using a scooter. Hope this makes some sort of sense.

I suppose I feel that the cheaters are making a mockery of people who are in genuine need of assistance.

I hear you Skulls & in complete agreement with you. It drives me crazy when I see people that don’t need to use scooters using them. Or people with walking sticks/crutches and they tap it off the ground every 5/6 steps. Purely for show or they’d be leaning on it for support. I get that pissed I would love to walk over an kick said stick or crutch out their hands but that would result in me falling on my arse cos me on 1 leg is not a idea I know of 2 people that use scooters they got from deceased family members and there’s nothing what so ever wrong with them. Like wtf? Why would you want to use a scooter unless you really need too? It does my head in! I don’t have a scooter yet but I’m getting to the stage where I’m looking at them. I’ve got a 4 wheeled rollator with a seat on that I use inbetween driving where ever it may be I’m going.

Dont feel like the great pretender Skulls. You’re not one! You’re just getting by with this sh^**y disease as best you can. Stick in


The only way to cope with this is to climb into a bubble. Ignore everybody else and what they might be thinking or doing because it has no bearing whatsoever on your life. There may be people out there using scooters who don’t need them although how you can tell from looking I can’t imagine. (Difficult to diagnose heart disease by eye) but it is irrelevant to you. The vast majority of people are not judging you, in fact so long as you don’t drive into them I doubt anyone even notices. The idea of worthiness to use a scooter is not a new one but I for one would not like to see some kind of assessment - you can’t have a scooter if you don’t get DLA for example.

Stop being embarrassed. If anyone acts in a negative way - that’s life, there are dick heads out there. The way to prevail with MS is to do what you need to do. That might be to rest, to use a walking stick, to get in a wheelchair. Do whatever you need to do to be able to get on with your life. Nobody but you is keeping score. I applaud you for using wheels when you need them. Now you need to be proud of the fact that you have not let reticence keep you on the sofa. Get out on your scooter with your head up and smile at the world.



It doesn’t sound horrible; it sounds normal. Deep down, I think many of us (me included) feel that there are definitely some poor souls who are definitely disabled and worthy of help but I steadfastly refuse to see myself as being one of them, regardless of how much/little objective sense that makes. I remember us all laughing when a very elderly relative who had been admitted to the geriatric ward complained bitterly that the place was full of doting old people. Now, that doesn’t look as funny.

And for sure, there are some chancers on scooters out there, and that is deeply off-pissing and disrespectful to those of us with real disabilities, but we (and everyone) probably notice the obvious wise-guys far more than we notice the much larger number of ordinary people who are really in trouble. But I really don’t think you need to worry about people thinking that you are taking the mick. Now is not a time for being overly self-conscious. Do what you need to do and keep your chin up.



I still try to walk with just one stick but truth be known, I frequently find that my Grandad’s old rollator is the only thing that I’m safe with but even then, there are certain floor surfaces that throw me, too much vibration(hands/arms) or pattern (eyes) etc. and I can’t even hold the flaming thing!

I was lucky that I was really strong (profile pic) before MS got me bad but I’m still terrified.

I totally understand your thoughts on pretenders, I remember when we went to vote, the women on the door gave me daggers when we drove across the playground to the disabled parking area! Funnily enough they were SO friendly as I wobbled into the building.

With disability, it seems that dressing well, having nice hair and being well presented are strictly not supposed to happen! Waffling now but there’s so much that irritates me now

Sonia x


Good morning skoot
I have not long ago bought myself a mobility scooter with my own money they can be got on mobility but I only have standerd rate now I can walk with my stick not to farand I do walk for exercise and I use my scooter I am aware of people poopooing me for doing so they can take a running jump as far as I am concerned

live and let live everyone has a story and we don’t no it G


Hillybilly is quite right. It’s like the self appointed guardians of the disabled bays - you know the ones who scrutinise every blue badge. My daughter parked in a bay at M&S jumped out of the driving seat and was on her way round to get me out when she was accosted by one of these self righteous so and sos. “That can’t be your badge, you’re too young and fit” ( the WAV has tinted windows so they couldn’t see me in the back in my wheelchair. ) I won’t type what my daughter had to say because it will only get deleted but it just shows how easy it is to jump to the wrong conclusion.

Living a good life with MS is already difficult but to pile on another layer, bothering about what strangers are doing or thinking is just daft. We live in very judgemental times. We should not jump onto the bandwagon of “the deserving disabled”.



Oh please, please PLEASE dont let cheats and shirkers stop you using something you know need. I`ve been a full time wheelie for over 12 years now and I LOVE my wheelchair…and the scooter I used before.

Without these fantastic inventions I would be housebound, bed bound and downright chuffin miserable.

Yes, there are many things i can no longer do, due to this crappy condition (not MS but summat similar), but I`m chuffin well not stayng indoors cos someone might look at me. Blow that for a game of soldiers.

Now, come on all you who use wheels instead of legs and feet, lets show em we are far from beaten yet, yeh?

luv Granny Pollyxxx


l can remember someone saying to me - what are you doing on that scooter - they are for the morbidly obese!!!. This was in the town centre - and l had borrowed a scooter from shopmobility. The chap who spoke to me was a solicitor that my friend worked for - and l had called round to see her. He was so use to seeing big heavy folk on the shopmobility scooters. l was horrified at first - then when l looked about me l could see what he meant. Even so - if l weighed as much as most of them l would consider myself disabled. Like most of us - l like to have my hair nice - and my eyeliner and lippy on - got to keep up standards!! That or it is the ‘tart’ in me.

To first start using a rollator or scooter - it is a bit daunting. lt must be like ‘coming out’. But still much better then being ‘her indoors’.

When l am out with my dogs - on my Tramper scooter - l often get remarks like '‘That’s cheating’ or ‘that’s a good idea’ - as if l would use a scooter if my legs still worked.

l have had a stair-lift about 30 yrs now - and for ages l stood on the footplate not sat on the seat - as if it looked as if l really did not need it. Kidding myself. Sometimes even standing just on one leg.

Nobody wants to feel they have ‘given in’ - but it is much better than ‘staying in’.


I like that Frances…better not to be staying in, by giving in.


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Sorry if I came over as a bit bossy and bolshy…that`s the Boudica in me. She keeps me going!


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Thanks everyone.

Sorry, I should have written it better when I spoke about people who use scooters but obviously don’t need it. Unfortunately the area I live in ‘they’ are very vocal about how they screw the system by using a scooter, they actually race each other and laugh about getting away with it and how they don’t have to work.

I’ve only left the house once on the scooter and that was just to get to the car (father in law - taxi). I am feeling a bit better even though the legs are still not working. I am determined I will leave the house tomorrow, mainly because I need food and in our house it is pizza Friday and we watch a movie so I need popcorn.

I will see how I get on with the scooter and accept that I need to use it and try and keep my head up. Probably have to keep it up in case I run folk over.

I am not normally so judgemental, I’m just feeling powerless which is really hard for me, even my GP told me I do her head in.

Off I go to the craft cupboard and get some sticky back plastic and customise my scooter, if I go out, it might as well be in style


How on earth to people cheat and get a mobility scooter?

I dont personally care what people do its what I need that counts. I go out in my scooter and never worry about what people may think or perseve me to be. I am not over weight but I am OLDER lol… one of the blue rinse brigade.

If you need a scooter use it. They are great fun. I have trained my dog to walk alongside mine and we go out everyday when its not raining.

Life is too short to worry about what others think. I just do what i want to do, and would never take no mind to anyones stares or comments, although to be honest I dont get them.

In our little town is a lady i see she is about 38 I suppose on hers, and I think ah bless her. I stopped one day right by her and we started to chat she has MS too. Without her scooter she would be housebound. She really loved hers its all jazzed up lol.

Lots of people use them who are disabled they are a life safer.

You can buy them so cheap now anyway lots of them in the trade papers. We paid £250.00 for my 8mph one it was just over ayear old but developed a fault and the guy didnt want to bother getting it fixed as was told it would cost a lot of money, so he went and bought another one…(obviously could afford to do that lol). My husband soon fixed the fault and I have had mine for 2 years now. It works really well.

Anyway if you need to use one use it. Its a life saver.

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I hope yours is decorated with leather tassels and studs, with a horned skull on the handle bars ??? Hope you’re doing well gg. :slight_smile:


mine is kind of souped up CB, lol, its DEEP PURPLE in colour he he.


Cool ! I hope it leaves smoke on the water (well, puddles)… :wink:

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lol I’m a roadrunner hun…wish i was in my Black Limousine, but dont get Trampled Underfoot, I’m just Queen of the highway lol…x


Answered that question then…