free scooter available

Allo mateys!

Since not being able to stand to transfer, it is obvious that I wont be using my scooter again.

I havent used it for around 15 months. Its kept in a shed, which would be of use for other things, if the scooter went to a new home.

It is a Shoprider Sovereign. I bought it in 2000, for £1895. It`s not in perfect nick, but is usable. It has a fab basket on the front and I got loads of shopping in it!

So if anyone would like it, and could collect it, I`d be happy to give it away.

It`s a medium sized scooter and does come apart, but not a lightweight jiffy take apart model.

Anyone interested? I am in Elland West Yorkshire.


Poll, there was somebody near you asking about scooters, not so long ago…I’ll be damned if I can remember who though !!! Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!! Xx

Hey poll, would it firinthaback of a qashqai ? Imm thinking about getting one Lynn XX Only in merseyside so about an hour away I think

A quashqai? Is that a 4 x 4 type of car?

I used to carry it in a ford escort estate, with the back seats folded down. As I said it isnt a quick take apart/put together scooter. You`re welcome to come look if you like.


Another bit of info;

hubby made some ramps and we used to fix them to the bumper and drive the scooter into the car, whole.


I dont know who it was either!


Hi poll, a qashqai is a crossover…sort of a small 4x4 . And with the back seats down I woUld guess its about the same as your estate… Woooo hooo … just called hubby and asked if he fancied a drive a drive. He went to brig house a few yers ago and you’re before that. Healso said he would ask his company if he could borrow a van Woop woop getting all excited now lol Lynn xx

Lynn…it’s the best thing, I ever did !!! I love mine…and now have it pimped in pink with various decals bought online. It looks so cool. I even attract a few comments…for all the right reasons. Catherine Xx

ok Lynn…looks like you could soon be the new owner of Boudica`s Buggy!

I`ll pm you with some info


Hey Catherine, I used to be a dab hand with a spry can, so I could paint mine pink lol I just got a wheel chair but won’t go out in it told hubby I would feel better with a Scooter. and would save up for one. X Poll thank you soooooo much. Lynn XX

Oh, yes. A scooter gives you so much freedom. I live on the side of a really steep hill so I was completely housebound until I got mine. Really, really happy for you !!! Xx

No steep hill by me, but it will be a god send. Xx

Hi again.

Just spoken to Lynn (Tilly 2) and she is coming to see the scooter.

So if anyone else is interested, can you hang fire until Lynns been to ours?



Just waiting on the removal firm , well to see if we can borrow a Van lol Will let you know very soon poll XX



Be there before 12, poll by …hook or by cook Lynn xx

Oh Poll that is so nice of you & I hope Lynn enjoys her new found freedom. I hope I’m never parted from my Breeze 4, I love it. Hazel x

Hazel, it’s been AGES! Please get in touch soon.

Poll, it’s sooooo nice of you to give away your scooter. Wishi could have one, but i have no access in my flat, or money to buy one, and i’m not allowed one anyway xxx

Poll…you are a star!

Poll is my fairy godmother