Scooter question.

Can anyone tell me about the Pride Colt PLUS scooter?, I am looking at getting one, anyone got one?

Sorry Catt, I’ve got a Paris ShopRider. I suppose there are so many scooters on the market it’s hard to find someone with same scooter.

Have you tried googling it to find some feedback?

Good luck with it anyway. If this is your first scooter I can tell you that you are about to have a wonderful life-changing experience.

Pat x

So hard to find any feedback on scooters as generally people who have scooters are elderly and therefore do not leave feedback on-line!

I’m in my 30’s using a scooter and found it hard when coming to buy one! I got mine through motability so was able to test -drive a couple which made a huge difference to my final decision.

Sure you can arrange a test drive or two even if not buying through motability,

Gd luck.

Hi, i’m also getting one through motability which one did you get?

I got the TGA Mystere, excellent! It has a good range, v comfy and v robust , handles big kerbs v well. I even tend to do a bit of light off roading with it.

It is quite a lot a month though.

The motability package is excellent with the servicing and breakdown service included. Managed to go over a year without a puncture and then got two in a fortnight!

It is sturdy which is useful for me when transferring from my wheelchair as it can easily take my weight if I fall into it when transferring.

Good luck !