Scooters (again!)

I am going to rent a mobility scooter for a week to see whether I can manage.

I have a choice of 2 that I can hire locally - Ultralight 480 and Shoprider Cameo.

I need a scoot that is suitable for pavements and can break down for transporting in the car (Nissan Tino)

Has anyone any experience of either of these models? Recommendations?

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I think that’s a really good idea (renting one for a week)

I can’t help with either of those models.

Can you have an initial try to see which one suits you best?

Will you be putting the scooter in the car yourself?

I have a Pride Elite Traveller Sport. It’s quite robust and can go most places but I couldn’t get it into the car myself.

Prior to that I had a Pride Elite Go-Go Traveller 4. It was a good, reliable scooter. It couldn’t handle some terrain, which the Sport can, but it was much smaller and lighter and therefore easier to get in the car. I could do it once but not more recently.

Scooters vary but they all do basically the same job. I think you need to consider where you are likely to use it (terrain) and how easy it is to get in the car.

Good Luck!


A lot of people on this and my other “scooter scaredy cat” post wrote lovel and encouraging things so I wanted to bring you all up to date.

I rented a scooter for a week and - from the moment I tried it out - I was HOOKED!!! Why did I worry? Why did I put it off for so long??? I couldn’t wait to slap my credit card down on the counter and buy a chariot of my own - so I did

My new shiny red beast (Christened “Mrs Murdle” for anyone who has read any of the Lord Peter Wimsey books) has now been delivered. I am sooooooooooo pleased.


Great news! I used to use Shopmobility scooters before buying my own.

I had 12 fabulous years with my Shoprider Sovereign. I now use a wheelchair, as my mobility is nil.

I gave it to a lass on here and hope she is still using it and enjoying her trips out.

You enjoy your`s too!