What Scooter ?

Hi everybody,

I am wanting to replace my Pride go-go elite traveller scooter, and after looking round I am so confused. Does any member know of maybe a publication, or Website that will help me choose ?

Ideally I would want to visit a store to look at a shortlist (I am in the North East of England, but happy to travel for approx. 2hours.)

I need one that is fairly light and easy to dismantle so we can transport it in our large hatchback type car. Any advice appreciated as I seem to be getting increasingly indecisive, and there are is so much choice.

Best regards


Oh boy this is a difficult one. There is so much choice. a good website for information is

I humbly suggest that you find a reputable mobility store and see what they’ve got.I don’t know names,but a good ride around inside and out,take it apart blah blah.You know what you need and don’t forget that those places are suffering 'cos of T’internet so they’ll be pleased to see you.A warranty off a human is far better than a whatever off the net.I really like Shoprider gear,did over 3,000 miles on the road in two years on one of their scooters and have two of their powerchairs.


Thanks do much for your most helpful reply, and sorry for delay in replying !