Mobility Scooter

Hi All,

Things have got to the stage where I am going to have to swallow my self esteem and get a mobility scooter. I have been looking around a little bit and think I have found something that fits my criteria.

I want one that will fit into the car boot and breaks down into pieces that are light enough for me to handle alone. I want to maintain my personal independence as completely as possible.

There is a mobility shop fairly close to me and I have found a couple of web sites that offer the cheapest prices and next day delivery.

The basic question is that I like the look and serviceability of the Pride travel scooter range.

Specifically the Pride Go Go Elite traveller. There are 3 & 4 wheel versions; I am drawn to the 3 wheel because it is more compact. I am 10 stone are there any significant disadvantages with the 3 wheel version?

Hello there,three wheels means a smaller turning circle but a MUCH greater chance ot the scooter toppling over on rough ground,negotiating a small kerb or a momentary lapse in concentration.It sounds like you have a few issues with starting to use a scooter so even the smallest mishap could affect you more than it should.

T’internet may be cheaper than your local mobility emporium,but should there be a problem which option will be able to help you most easily?If you do a few miles a week any scooter will need some kind of a service and the batteries donot last forever.

Happy motoring,


ive got the 3 wheeled pride go go,i wanted it mostly for the flat and round the shops,and i find mine ok ,for this,but i do know that 4 wheels are more stable.

jaki xx

When I bought my w/chair I found the best price online and then rang a local shop and asked if they would price match. I wasn’t aggressive about it, just invited them to compete. They did, so I had the best of both worlds – a good price and a local shop.

I agree with Wobly about 3 wheels – 4 are much more stable.

Pride are a good company. I had a Pride w/chair and they were always very helpful

I have a Pride Go Go Elite traveller 4 wheel scooter. It has been one of the best things I have bought, as I can do so much more because of it. When I first got it I could get it in and out of the car myself but sadly can’t anymore. I also tend to abuse it a lot and take it on terrain for which it was never intended. Usually it copes OK but has has one or two spectacular failures. On flat level terrain it is perfect but it doesn’t like hilly tracks!

P.S. I don’t think it is anything to do with swallowing your self esteem, more about being practical!

Thanks every one. Looks like the pride go go 4 is a go go. I’ll try the mobility shop first, see if they can price match or at least get close.