Reviewing Mobility Scooters

Happened to pick up a Which Magazine today in a waiting room which mentioned that Which has just done a report (May/June 2014?) on mobility Scooters, comparing things like driving range on one charge, and ease of lifting (weight) and folding to put into a car boot and price. Ranges for the different models tested varied from something like 6 to 19 miles. Apologies if this has already been reported here. In case interested in the report, subscription on a trial basis (I think) is available for as little £1 an issue. Alternatively if your local library is still in existence it will likely have a free copy with the relevant report. There was also an article giving advice about getting Travel Insurance with a pre-existing medical condition.

Thanks for this.

There is also some useful info here which you can access without being a member.

Thanks for the links guys. Just what I was searching online this morning

To late for me thanks, bought my first mobility scooter two weeks ago. Research involved going onto ebay and seeing if any were in 50 mile radius of where I live. A few were, then I googled specs. Got myself a good as new Day rider 2. Fits in the boot of my car.

Havent used it yet but am plucking up courage to venture out.

Did use a wide range of shopmobility ones so knew I wanted 4 solid wheels, and small.

Jen x

In the seven years I’ve been whizzing around on electric gear I’ve found Shoprider products to be excellent and having done over 3,000 miles on the road in two years on a Shoprider Cadiz,enough said.I now sit on a Sunrise Medical Quicky Jive M,8MPH road legal and £6,500 off the shelf.It costs all of my Motability money and has been back to the manufaturers five times in 12 months,has tipped over on the road twice due to a manufactoring fault,has needed new batteries,motors,three new hand controllers etc etc.It’s made in Germany(big selling point) is known as the Veyron when it is running at its superb best and as Das Kaput the rest of the time.The customer service woman has never once been in touch even just for ‘ah,comfy feely’.

The reason for all that waffle is to say that the best reviews are from those that have personal experience of the gear.Lifting in and out of cars is dependant on the strength and mobility of the lucky lifter,type of car,etc.There are about 8-10 factors associated with the range of the gear and rider.I’m boring myself now.

If you’ve got any relevant questions drop me a line and I’ll set the neuron in motion