Has anyone tried the scooter called the Trampa, its meant to be really good, I’m going to Quarrybank mill in Cheshire on Saturday and they hire them out for free. I’m really looking forward to it. I would love to have one that could go on the sand i really fancy going to Scarbough with the children in the summer.

Michelle X

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Hi Michelle

At a local beauty spot near where I live they also hire out these trampers, and yes it was very good for all terrain, but I don’t know if it comes apart to go in a car.

Someone on the boards has one, but for the life of me I can’t remember who, but I expect someone will know.

I went through woods and uneven ground on it, but like you, would be lovely to be able to go on the beach.

Pam x

I’ve read about them and someone on here has one. Kev maybe or Steve Snore?

They look amazing. Not much use for me in the city but if I lived in the country or at the seaside I would definitely get one.

Pat xx


I’ve owned a Tramper for over two years now. They are excellent for many off road conditions. I use it on the Ashdown Forest and it’s brilliant on beaches. They are also quite comfortable but the price is rather steep-about £6000 plus more for boxes and covers etc.

Best wishes, Steve x

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l am on my second Tramper - they are marvellous. A big heavy piece of kit that will take you almost anywhere. Lots of beauty spots and stately homes have them for hire. So do go and try one. l have a trailer that mine goes on so l can tow it to Ploughing Matches/Horse Shows etc.

Every year l have it serviced - and the guy who comes has a VW van - sometimes he has 4 Trampers in it. He uses a ramp to drive them up into it. So if you have a suitable vehicle with enough head height you could this.

l do several miles a day - in all weathers- and often through fords. When this village has been snowed in - l can still get out with my Tramper - run a few errands for people stuck at home. Even fill a bucket with salt/grit from the bin and help spread it on the road. l think the batteries will last for about 15miles a charge.- never actually run it below 75%. They now have a new design with 3 large wheels. Would love to try it out.

My Tramper is caked in mud - sheepshit etc. Over the last 12yrs - l have never broken down - touch wood!!! Have stopped and helped stranded motorist with flat tyres. l always carry a foot-pump and one of those little gadgets that inflate tyres by plugging into a cigarette lighter. This is also to help me if l got a puncture - never needed it - but l have become one of the 5 *emergency services. l also pick up litter. We get a lot of take-away rubbish thrown out by motorists who come and park in our beautiful rural lanes - then feel they have to spoil it.

One of my dogs sits on the running board when she gets tired.

TGA - is another company who make all-terrain scooters too. So do look around.


Hello everyone

Don’t think I’ll be buying one i just love the thought of it …my power wheelchair is very basic it was off ebay but it does the job gets me around the village and to the park with Frazer i just miss being able to take the scenic route across fields, last time i tried to take a short cut i got well and truly stuck in the mud my poor friend was up to her knees in mud trying to rescue me. I might see if i can hire a Trampa from scarbourgh next time we go away i really miss being able to go on the beach.

Michelle X

When we were looking at scooters a few years back I was severely attracted to the Tramper. Lovely bit of kit. We also looked at several other all-terrain machines. The trouble with all of them was: 1 they were all too wide to go up our side alley to the back yard; 2 they would have been difficult for Ruth to hoist/ ramp into a vehicle and 3 that vehicle would have to be huge.

In the end we got a Rascal Liteway 8 as a compromise. It will manage a certain amount of off road stuff, but is compact enough for Ruth to manage and can get up our side alley. We keep it in a scooter store where it can be recharged, and use a hoist to get it into our Berlingo.

But here’s the thing- the 3 year Motability lease on the Berlingo is up this summer so we have to decide what to go for next. One thing we have decided is not to have the hoist. It takes up a lot of the space in the rear compartment, and we don’t take the scooter out that often. If we do go away and we need to take the scooter, it’s very difficult to get the wheelchair in as well, plus things like the toilet frame, a bed stick and our bags etc. I think next time we’ll look at having a ramp and winch set up for the scooter.

We’re going to go to Naidex at the NEC in a fortnight to size up the possibilities. If you haven’t been to NAidex you should give it a look…

Well I tried it

I must admit it was quite scary changing my trusty wheelchair for what looked like beast of a motorbike after he’d shown us what to do and given us the safety talk we were off. Frazer (assistance dog) couldn’t believe as i speed off without him it was quite funny, he’s used to being attached to my chair and he tried to jump on my knee, I was so scared id run over someone but needn’t of worried as they all gave me a wide birth!!! it was actually very good and managed the rough areas quite well but wasn’t so good on steeper places and the turning circle was rubbish, as found out to my dismay when i got stuck up a steep incline… i was never good at tight spaces when i could drive but the fact that there was a steep drop at the side of me was not a good feeling, thankfully Lee (husband) climbed in and got me out of the tight corner. Another downside was needing the toilet and knowing there was no way i’d get it in the disabled loo. So i have to say it was a good experiance but don’t think i’ll be getting one soon.

Michelle x

Shelley - l think they should build them with a ‘commode’ feature. lf you found it difficult going up a steep incline - l imagine you did not have it on full power. As l climb up steep banks on mine - even drive over small fallen trees. l rarely have my Tramper on full speed - as the dogs would be exhausted keeping up with me - about 6miles an hour is OK for them. l turn it on full if they are off-lead and l want to keep up with them. When on the lead - l do fasten them to the scooter - as it is so heavy - there is no way they can pull it over. This warmer weather - l now have to make sure l carry water/bowl for them.