Tramer TWS


I am soon to be purchasing one of these as I am starting to feel I am missing out with my family. Top Gear featured this scooter along with a few other makes, the boys made their own contraptions and Army amputees tested the others, it was quite entertaining!

I know only a few of these have so far been sold, they are not cheap but they are robust, totally English made and do not look like a typical mobility scooter.

Does anybody own one on this forum? 



Hi Lou-lou, I googled them but couldn't find a link. You might get bigger response on Everyday Living (we're bit of a small group on this board).

Good luck with it. Please post again if you end up buying one. I'd like to know more.

Pat x

Please note I meant to type Tramper!  so sorry! the company is "Beamer" they hve had a four wheeler out for years but the three wheeler has only been out for a couple of months, there is an article on Top Gear aswell on the website

Hi Lou-lou, re-post on Everyday Living. I have seen posts about the Tramper on there before.

I’ve always been worried about the stability of 3-wheelers but I suppose if it’s been through all the tests it must be stable.

Pat x