New Tramper Scooter on TOP GEAR

Beamer are proud to announce the launch of the Tramper TWS - lts a new off-road three wheeled scooter. Please tune in to TOP GEAR BBC2 on Sunday 19yh Feb at 7pm -[and repeated Thursday 23rd also at 7pm.]

There are several different options of tyres/batteries to suit - medium off road - aggressive off road.You can customise the vehicle to suit your particular needs -

The suspension on this scooter offers the smoothest off road experience of any disability vehicle on the market.

l love my Trampers - not only British Designed - but british built.

As one of their biggest fans - they could have at least asked me to drive it on Top Gear. l would like to have my name up on the fastest lap board.


All very well but my backgound was in the motor trade and someone, somewhere will probably be making 'a fast buck!!!'


Anyone interested in testing the off road capabilities of the all British Tramper can hire one at various West Country locations. Never used one myself, but this site looks interesting.

One small point though, surely a three wheeled version is likely to be more unstable?