Mobility scooters — off road

I use a Travel Scoot mobility scooter to get out and about.

Very lightweight and highly portable. It ‘lives’ in the boot of my car always ready for the next shopping trip.

While the Travel Scoot is ideal for shopping malls and pavements and the like it is unreasonable to expect it to be able to deal with rougher terrain.

I would now like to be able to go ‘off piste’ so to speak and travel further afield over rougher ground.

So far I’ve looked at the

  • TGA VitaX
  • Bomba 7
  • Terrain Hopper

Does any forum member have experience of using these models and if so I would be grateful to learn what their experience has been.

Finally, I would welcome the advice of forum members regarding what other makes and models of mobility scooter I should be looking at.

Many thanks

Hey there,

I’ve tried the following…

Terrain Hopper (four wheeled drive…also tested it with the two wheeled drive)

TGA Supersport (no suspension) and Breeze S4

Tramper Trike (twist controlled) and four wheeled version.

For off-roading on tracks I’m getting the TGA breeze s4.

The terrain hopper was awesome for virtually everywhere and the Tramper slightly less so. If you like the feel of the Terrain Hopper and are cool with having the services and all maintenance carried out in Lincolnshire, along with the price tag and specificity for yourself…then go for it.

i’m thinking about the sports rider - looks very cool

l am on my second Tramper - first one was an old second-hand one. Loved it - so l bought a new one - about 5 yrs ago now. lt still looks like new - except for the mud!!! Beamer - who make Tramper gave me a good trade-in price - actually the price l paid for it years before. l go out everyday through the fields and woods - up and down banks etc. lt has been a terrific scooter.

Saying that - l also like the TGA Super sport. And they are also a good company.

Not tried the Terrain Hopper - but would certainly like to see one.

But have you thought of getting a quad-bike - one that is road legal as well. The agricultural type ones not the type the kids use.

Much cheaper then the disability ones - As soon as the word ‘disability’ comes into it - up goes the price.

l have been watching a nice John Deere Gator Quad on Ebay. lt is 500cc. Thinking l could tow the chain harrow behind it to go around all our paddocks. The Honda ones are good as well.

Sorry Nimrod, I have no experience but my Strider (bought on ebay around 8 years ago), will go off road, can’t remember the name of the one I had before but it certainly went off road so I could take my dog for her walkies.

Any of the larger models would do the trick I would think, I too have a portable scooter but find the Strider to be a lot more comfortable for getting about, good luck.

Wendy x

The TGA Super Sport (aka Harley!) is sooo cool however once you ride it you will realise that there is no suspension. I mean none. Yep the cool chrome suspension at the front is in fact just for looks. I tried about four different TGA models - the engineer took me up to my local field track and hill…and simple let me try the Super Sport, Breeze S3, Breeze S4 and another one which was smaller. I am purchasing a secondhand Breeze S4 through TGA themselves with a warranty, service etc.

I found the twistgrip acceleration control on the Tramper was uncomfortable for me, so it’s worthy trialling these scooters and on a similar terrain to where you are likely to want it for. The TerrainHopper gave me arm problems due to the vibrations from off-roading.


I use a (4 wheel) Tramper and it is like getting part of my life back. It is brilliant. I did try the trike but found it too unstable for my style of Tramping (I am a bit too enthusiastic and daft) I have been able to behave like a collie dog on the beach, I have taken it on the ferry to Ireland and into the surf on many beaches as well as on woodland walks with the family. There are some places I have to do an out and back rather than a circular route but with a bit of care and practice I get to most places. It is also road legal which is interesting when being hassled by a bus. One drawback is the need for a trailer which means that I struggle to sort it out on my own.

All the best Mick

Mick - l bought a secondhand Tramper Trailer from Beamer when l bought my second Tramper. lt is a good piece of kit. Last week we went to a local ploughing match - Forest of Arden show. l took off over the tracks to see the hedge-laying competition. l had to move out of the way of a 4x4 - which meant whizzing up a steep bank and down the other side, -which caused a lot of peoples jaws to drop!!! Several people were cheering and one said he thought it was amazing. l just shouted out ‘‘that l did all my own stunts’’ and zoomed off.

Last year - Princess Anne arrived - and presented the cups. Apart from vintage tractors - also horse-drawn ploughing. She came into the refreshment tent where we were having lunch. She had to pass my Tramper - with my dogs sat on it. She smiled at them and said hello.Then she spoke to all the lovely ladies who do the catering. Beautiful ham and roast beef - pork pie - salads -crusty cottage loaves - and apple pies with cream.

Without my Tramper - life would be very dull.

spacejacket, you are so right, my Tramper is very capable and it has made a huge beneficial change to my life and the lives of my family. We can do a 10 mile tramp across rough terrain in the New Forest carry a picnic and still have enough battery for a trip to the pub. If I get reckless I can turn it over, but I always have a huge grin whenever I get out into the countryside.

I just wish I could chip it and start a race series.

Thanks Tanjardine for sharing your experience of trying the various off road mobility scooters.

Since my original post I have been to Milton Keynes and tried out the Boma 7 and was very impressed with its performance over very rough terrain. Had a go of going up and down steps in it.

How do you transport your TGA Breeze?

I like your ’ thinking outside the box’ suggestion regarding a quad bike. I think the downside would be the need for insurance and tax — and the noise

I’m not sure you would legally be allowed to use it on footpaths and bridle ways.

However it got me to thinking maybe something along the lines of a golf buggie type machine and found something called an ElectroKart Ranger.

I got all excited but looking closely at the specs it it didn’t appear to be legal to use on public roads though it did tick the portability requirements.

They claim that it can be stored away in the boot of a car which is a very attractive idea.

Tanjardine grateful if you would expand on 'let me try the Super Sport, Breeze S3, Breeze S4 and another one which was smaller."

Did TGA come to you or did you go to them.

Again thank you for your help.

Mick thanks for sharing your experiences and joy.

How do you transport your Tramper around or are you in the position of using it in locations that you can drive your Tramper to?

hi Nimrod ,when i got my tramper i also got a 2nd hand trailer via Beamer it is very good although quite physical to hitch and unhitch.Luckily i get help from my wife and 85 year old father in law! I would like to be driven on the motorway whilst sitting on the tramper on its trailer but my wife wont risk her license (she is much smarter than me)