Mobility Scooter in the snow

I’m very sorry for bringing up the dreaded white stuff before we’ve even got into Autumn but I’m trying to think ahead.
I recently moved out of an urban area into a much more rural one and find that my lovely Stirling Emerald scooter is not going to be robust enough. They don’t seem to have heard of dropped Kerbs here, I’m constantly getting stranded and there are some lovely walks I could take my dog if only I could cope with the the off roading.
My ultimate choice would be a Tramper but finances are forcing me to look around.
Has anyone got a suggestion/experience of a scooter that would cope with kerbs, off roading and snow?
I like the look of the TGA Breeze but will it cope?

I hear the Quintro… I think it’s called that… is good for kerbs. 5 wheels and made to go up and down kerbs… BUT I’ve looked for prices online and nobody seems to show them, which usually means EXPENSIVE :o

Can’t remember if that’s right name… but try googling ‘5-wheel scooter’

Good luck. I love my scooter but have to say I didn’t dare go out on it in snow last year…

Pat x

Have you tried getting a price for a second hand Tramper, they are usually about £3000.00 New they are £6000.00.
Hope this helps.

l am now on my second Tramper - decided to trade in the old [11] one for a new one. lt was a life-saver last winter!
Had to carry containers of water up to my horses as their water supply was frozen. We were snowed in for about three week.
Secondhand Trampers are worth looking at. l also like the TGA scooters. Some of the large 3 wheeled look the business. A big 3wheeler has the advantage of the back wheels not getting stuck in the same ‘rut’ as the front wheel. Your right in thinking about changing your scooter now - rather then waiting until the winter. Kerbs are no problem with these solid scooters - they will bump up and down anything.
l have a trailer that l can put my Tramper on and tow with my car - so l can go further afield. lt will do 30miles on a charge - never tested this - l do a 5mile ‘off road’ twice a day. Dogs love it.

The TGA Breeze and The Sport - have three large wheels - with a good ground clearance - very important if you want a scooter that is fit for a hard winter. Have you looked on ebay? l have a Tramper - which l love - but they are expensive and not many secondhand ones for sale.



Has anyone got or had any experience of the new Tramper threewheeler? It was on top gear some weeks ago when they tested different ones and the boys made their own ones, very entertaining!!!

I trialed it and was very impressed, I want a scooter that does not look like a typical disabled vehicle, this one is very robust and off-road looking and all made in the UK, apparently this is why is is pricier


It’s a funny old thread to reappear all these months later!

After a not snowy winter (thank heavens) I kept my Stirling scooter because I decided that my best bet mobility wise was to invest in a powerchair.

The chair was delivered some days ago and it has done nothing but rain since then! I had planned to get into town on the access bus but I have shelved that until it looks a bit fairer.

I’m investigating a WAV now so that my daughter doesn’t have to push me when we go out. One way or another its all spend spend spend. Any one who thinks DLA covers disability costs doesn’t shop in the same places as me!