All terrain scooter


I have MS PP and have decided to get an all terrain mobility scooter. Lower body is useless, upper body is thankfully fine.

So, has anyone got any thoughts, I was thinking of the Drive Cobra.

I am going to keep it in my garage so its easy access for daily use but may also throw, well I say throw more likely ramp it in the back of a Peugeot 5008 if the family want to go to the park ( only one child in the back so two seats can go down),

any comments much appreciated.




I have a Drive Cobra - would have loved a Tramper or TGA breeze but too dear for me. Have to say I love my Cobra … and only use it off road straight from home so can’t offer any tips on transporting it. It is really easy to use and copes with the countryside paths and meadows round here well. It’s really nippy too and I rarely hit anywhere close to top speed … Hope it proves a great buy for you too …

Hello Johnathan.

I have a Tramper. It has a trailer so a tow bar is necessary.

I must say it’s an awesome beast.


Thanks to all

Ok just bought a kymco agility…initial thoughts are that it is wonderful but the longest trip has only been 3.7 miles…hopefully the weather will soon change and I can go further