Hi guys and galls,

My name is Mike Brodie a 43yr ex military man with SPMS. I am nearing the point where I think a powerchair

opposed to a scooter is going to be best for me but with all the advice out there on the web it really is very hard to know exactly what to get and look for. I would like anyones advice on this with the model you have and what you honestly think about it?

I don’t think we will get a WAV this next time as we like nice looking vehicles and so will keep to a car for the next one before we have to get a ‘Van’ so I know it won’t be going shopping with me but It certainly would give me the independance from home where I can go out myself.

Would you also think I would be able to get funding from the society towards the cost? They are expensive and am not going to get something that doesn’t do everything that I need.

Front - Mid or Rear wheel drive? I had a mid wheel to test for a couple of days and i loved the manoverability but it broke down 1/2 a mile from home on the first night and I was stuck on the Dewsbury Greenway … wife had to go back and get my wheelchair and then once we had worked out how to freewheel the chair I pushed myself home up and down an incline and we were stressed and knackered at the end of it all.


X Mike B

Hi Mike,

I have a Quickie Salsa (from wheelchair services) and I love it.

It’s mid wheel drive which is brilliant in my tiny bungalow and the multi wheel suspension copes with the cobbles in Otley! My previous chair was a rear wheel drive but I much prefer this one. I’ve only had it a couple of months but long enough to know that it meets my needs. I take it on the bus regularly and often use taxis.


Hi Mike I was writing a full answer to your question and the******G machine wiped it off. To summarize

Shoprider Malaga Class II…Very usable bit of kit. £1500 ish

Quickie Jive M Class III…Too wide,shoddily built, etc etc being returned to Motability after five very disappoining days

£200 a month for 39 of them


Hey guys thank you so much for the advice on these chairs. I did borrow a mid wheel one for the afternoon and loved the flexability of turning in tight circles so will just have to see.

Thanks again

X Mike B