Mobility scooter

Hi everyone, been a while since I last visited. Anyway, I live in a very hilly location so have purchased a mobility scooter so I can get and about and be able to take my little dog too. Problem is, I’m incredibly shy about using it. Bought it a week ago and it’s been in the garage since I got it home. I don’t want people looking at me when I’m on it. It’s daft I know but I’ve no confidence since I had to give up work and claim benefits. I feel worthless now, even though my family say different. I just don’t want to draw attention to myself even though I know the scooter would give me a sense of freedom that I don’t have when struggling to walk any distance with a stick. :frowning:

You know these folk who you think will stare at you and belittle you? Well I`d bet a fortune that if you actually asked them what they thought if they did look, they say they were glad to see you getting about without falling or coming back totally knackered and fit for nowt!!!

This is one of the things i do bang on about on here…let the wheels do our walking. Why shoudl we hide away when weve done nowt wrong and miss whats going on in our neck of the woods?

You go out girl, get on that scooter and enjoy whatever you can. If you dont do it for you, then do it for the doggy, yeh

Ok? You putting your shoes and coat on? Yes, Boudica is right, y`know!


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Hi Vinneygirl.

Firstly well done on buying yourself a scooter as you realise it will make your life a bit easier.

You probably felt the same when you first bought your stick - know I did.

I started by using mobility scooters in cities I didn’t know anyone as I was embarrassed. Then used in store scooters in my town where I thought no one I knew would be. Both gave me confidence in using the scooter and getting used to strangers reactions.

Must admit everyone was so nice, helpful and chatty, especially in lifts, it definitely gave me a boost being able to go places I couldn’t walk myself.

I bought myself a little scooter which I’ve used a bit but I now use in store scooters and mobility scooters in my town and it’s changed my life for the better. If I see people I know they are usually fine and I sometimes make a bit of a joke which breaks the ice if they’re embarrassed.

Go out on your scooter when you’re ready. Just go out for a short while to start with. I bet people talk to you especially if you have your little dog with you.

Have fun, we all need to make the most of what we’ve got.

best wishes

Jen xx

I felt just the same as you did, but when you have used it for the first few times it will get a bit easier,i still wont use mine,locally though,and i dont think i ever will do either its just one hurdle i cant get over,but why dont you use yours away from home for first few times,it will give you a bit more confidence.Its a big hurdle for you,i was the same using a w/c but i hate the w/c that was the reason i bought a scooter and i dont feel half as bad on the scooter as i did in the w/c,the scooter makes me feel a bit more independant the w/c just mad me feel that self concious i said i would rather stay in than use it, silly i know,and i hate myself for it,but we cant help the way we are can we ?

good luck with your first venture out and keep us infromed.

J x

I remember when they came to deliver my brand new scooter (some years ago now) and the man wanted me to try it out but I just couldn’t. I had him put it in the garage for me and it stayed there for 2 weeks. Eventually I summoned the courage to drive round the block. I decided that I would go out on it EVERY day for the next month.

The biggest hurdle was going to the park with the dog. I knew loads of people and I was really self conscious but everyone was so supportive and positive that it gave me confidence.

After that month of regular journeys I was off…and I’ve never looked back. Now I’m a w/chair user but I still use my scooter to walk the dog because he likes to sit of the footplate.

​take the plunge - do it for the dog if not for yourself.


Well done you’ve climbed the first hurdle I haven’t used a scooter yet so can’t add to the advice you’ve been given. You know what though, sod anyone else, they don’t have your (our) problems and if a scooter makes your life easier then get some go faster stripes and get out there and burn some rubber.

Jan x

Hi Vinnygirl

Hope this finds you well.

I can totally empathise with you about the scooter. I posted on here about a month ago about my quandary with a scooter when I was in Benidorm. I got one in the end.

Best thing I did. So much so, I’ve bought one for the UK. And I’m a vain bugger!!!

My advice would be to get out on it. You’ll be surprised how helpful people are.

My faith in humanity was restored.

Good luck with it.