Scooter Phobia

Hi All, This is my second attempt at this thread, my first didn’t seem to post to the forum . I would like some advice about my scooter problem. I need to use a scooter to go out and enjoy doing the ‘simple’ things like walking the dogs, buying a pint of milk at the shop, just the everyday things. Trouble is I just can’t bring myself to go out of my house using one. I go through the journey in my head and all seems fine, but I feel completely paralized emotionally to do anything about doing it physically. I actually feel sick at the thought of going out in front of naibors or people I know of, and using a scooter. I know it is completely irrational, and may problem is keeping me prisoner in my own home. But I just cannot get myself out of this way of thinking. I think because I have always been so independent, I feel so vulnerable havng a disability and using a scooter would make me feel doubly vulnerable. Going anon as feeling reallt silly about this.

Hi, well the answer is already there in your post…if you choose not to go out on a scooter, then you will be a prisoner in your own home hun.

If you could walk in a safe way, you wouldnt need the scooter…obvious…so what`s the alternative? You know it, yeh?

Go on, get on that scooter…speedmobile…chariot of freedom…whatever you want to call it.

I see my wheels as my legs…without em Id be bedbound, never mind housebound.

Go on, you know it makes sense…chuff what anyone else says or thinks…but my bet is that they`ll be so pleased to see you out and about.

Gonna do it? Yeh, course you are!

luv Pollx

ps. no need to feel silly about going anon.

I must admit I felt like you very self conscious but the freedom it has given me is undescrbable was terrified when I took it on the subway the 1st time now no problem. Just swallow your pride and enjoy your freedom. Good luck.


l have had several scooters over the years - - but l do remember feeling just the same as you. Get a friend to walk with you for a bit of support. Or if it is a scooter that can be put in a car - then get someone to take you to a park with your dogs-where you are not so well known. Then you will see how life opens up to you with the freedom a scooter gives you. Your dogs will love it. l have a Tramper - it is virtually all-terrain. l can go all over the fields/woods/tracks etc. My dogs are so fit!!! Also, l go out everyday in all weathers.

I personalised mine by sticking daisy stickers onto it. However, I’ve got stuck on curbs a couple of times even though the scooter has good clearance. I also had the front doorstep replaced with a ramp last year but am going to have the design changed when I can afford it, as it needs to be level at the door for easier access. At the moment I have to try and close the door behind me whilst the scooter is tilted downwards as the ramp slope begins at the front door, whereas it should be level for a few feet first. Important lesson learned.


I put an answer on the other thread but I will repeat it here:

When I got my scooter I had to really force myself to go out on it every day or I knew that it would just sit in the garage. I felt a twit – I had all those worries you have but after a few minutes every day I was soon venturing further afield. I used to plan my routes endlessly on Google maps and this gave me lots of confidence about where to cross the road etc.

I dreaded the first time I used it in the park in front of dog walking acquaintances but do you know they were all lovely and made me feel really comfortable.

I know it’s easy to say don’t bother about what other people think but people won’t have negative thoughts – most likely they won’t have thoughts beyond “Oh look Mrs X at number21’s got a scooter”
Also do you really think that people have “absolutely no idea” that you’ve got a problem? You walk with crutches and hang onto walls – it’s a hint!

Do you have a friend that could take you to somewhere where you can use a shop mobility scooter. You could even go to the next town to minimize chance encounters. That way you get to have a little go with no commitment. BUT it will be in a town where it is busy, you will do 100% better on short ten minute rides round your own streets.

Don’t let this phobia rule your life. You can get out into the world with a scooter – it will expand your horizons no end.