walking stick

I’ve taken Poll’s advice she gave me the other day and bought myself a folding walking stick yesterday. Went to my local disability shop with my daughter. Its abstract purple in colour…may as well be stylish. I did feel a bit tearful but I thought damn it I refuse to cry. Now I just got to build up to using it instead of hanging on to husband and daughter. My poor husband is getting fed up of getting pushed and pulled in all directions…we must look like a couple of drunks lol. Happy days PS; Not sure how I’m supposed to stop it springing into action when its folded. At the moment I’m double fastening the wrist strap round it.

Hi Blossom,

I double fasten my wrist strap around mine, (but it’s always opened up to be honest these days :frowning: )

but you can buy wee holder/bags for them, ebay will have some and your local diability shop probs too…abstract purple sounds nice!!



Hi, they didnt do `em in purple or any other jazzy colours, when I got mine…plain black was all!

I used to wrap a strong elastic band round it when folded. Yeh, I also had a plastic bag to keep it in when folded too.

Try to see it as a friend, one who will guide you safely on your travels.

luv Pollx

Hi Blossom - I didn’t want to use a stick either. Bought a folding one and carried it around in my bag for ages! And I bought a black one so it would blend into the background and no one would notice it. lol Somewhere along the way, the benefits overtook the embarrassment and I use it all the time now. Like the sound of your purple one … hummmmm might have to upgrade.

H x

Hi Blossom

I promise that once you’ve used it once or twice, you won’t feel any more hesitancy as you will find it such a help. I bought a storage bag for mine and when it’s folded up it slides in there neatly and even fits in my large handbag.

At first I despaired of ever folding it away, but I am managing short walks without it now (for about 20 minutes on a good day). It’s still always with me because it only takes a slightly raised temperature for my legs to go weak and wobbly again. I was hugely upset at the thought of a stick at first but I wouldn’t be without it now.

Tracey xx

Dont be upset sweety…im in wheelchair now and have to use frame in the house…i got upset over wheelchair…make sure your stick is right height the handle should be at wrist height when arms by your side…x

When I used a folding walking stick I used a Velcro cable tie to keep it closed when folded. Works a treat.


Thanks all for taking the time to reply, its much appreciated. You’ve given me some good ideas for keeping the stick under control when its folded ta.