Walking Stick

There is so many walking sticks on the market, and I was hoping that I can get some input from other users on which one they prefer. The reason I am asking is because I want to ditch the NHS one. :confused: Looks like I am going to be using it for some time. So many types and designs. Look forward to all your input. BE

Hi I’ve just got one of eBay, it’s a collapsible one and I thought it would be flimsy but it isn’t its really strong and they did all different colours and best of all it was a fiver and it fits in my handbagxxx

I got a collapsible one too, always in my handbag when I need it, I went for plain black, there are no trendy ones I could find.

Gill xxx

I’m with the others, they’re very light too but sturdy. What I will suggest though is when the rubber (brain’s gone on holiday, can’t remember proper name) on bottom perishes, go for the slightly dearer one with metal plate in as the cheap version only lasts me a couple of weeks, dearer one lasts ages. They too are available on e bay.

…I have a collapsible walking stick …but I don’t have a handbag !!!


Hi I have a collapsible stick to for my handbag too. I also went for moulded hand rest (can’t remember proper name) I find it much more comfortable to lean on. Mine colour co ordinaries with my bag and boots : ) Mish

Well as a male dont have, or use a handbag. Lol BE

I have a shorter folding stick in a bright red floral design which I bought online from The Stick and Cane Shop. They have a good selection of sizes and colours. Mine also has a nicely shaped handle which makes it comfortable to use for longer periods. It is lightweight but very strong. At my worst, a few months ago, I was leaning my full weight on it and it held up very well. There seems to be loads of companies selling sticks online and a huge choice; I’m sure you will find something to suit your taste.

Tracey x

The walking stick online company seem to have a great selection and customer service record. Going to buy something today. Thanks everyone for your replys. BE

don’t forget you can get it VAT free…

Hi BE,

Got my collapsable one online - make sure you get the right length for your height.

I’m 5’3’’ and needed a shorter one - think the handle should come up to your wrist. The websites tell you how to measure them.

Think i got mine from Walking Sticks online. So many colours to choose from.

Happy shopping,

Jen x