Having decided to stick ...

Stick arrived today - its pretty pretty pretty!! Purple and pretty with a pretty purple design on it.

There is a good weight to it - all the better for smacking ankles like the Grumpy Old Woman I am - so was worth the £30.

God willing I wont need it for my very long boring day in London but its good to have.

I went to the gym yesterday and walking back home anyone would have thought I was phished. Some day the police are going to stop me cause some-one saw me walking like that and then getting into my car. If its a good looking policeman I won’t mind. Its the uniform you know … (sigh)

Gotta go - its lunch time

Take care peeps

JBK xx

Hi Kell, sounds a very jaunty walking stick. Mine was a boring black one…but it did fold, so was easy to put in the basket on me scooter back then.

When I opened it, it flicked out in such a way as to make everyone within 10 feet of me, run for cover!

Be gentle with others` ankles now!

luv Pollx

I have 3 now but quite like the cow-print one :wink: Ebay makes it way too easy!

Sonia x


I know exactly what you mean about the police. I was driving to a friend’s house last weekend and had a police car right behind me. I laughed to my friend and said I was so relieved that they went the other way just before I had to get out of the car because, if they had seen me staggering up the garden path, they would have breathalysed me for sure, ha ha.

Poll is right about the folding sticks. I have nearly caught a few people on the ankles when mine unfolds because it does so with a bit of a snap!

One of my friends has a twisted knee and is using a plain, wooden stick and is now considering a pretty stick like mine. I never thought anyone would be envious of my stick or see it as a fashion accessory …

I hope your boring London day is uneventful and just, well, boring!

Tracey x

Brilliant…so glad you’re pleased with it! If (when) I decide to succumb and get myself one, it will definitely be a snazzy one with a definite purple theme!!

I hope you don’t need to use it, but at least you know you have it if need be xx