New accessory...excited...(NOT)

Just received my latest accessory for my bag…a walking stick I a carry ouch for my bag. I don’t feel I need one as such however I am not sure how far I can manage on holidays etc so its kind of a just in case aid… I have probably not tried to walk in one go more than 800yards for fear of not being able to manage it, or it feeling hard to do. I did manage a Manchester day out but rest breaks were involved frequently and I was limping a little but did it. However none the less although I may not use it (I hope) it doesn’t feel very good to be 32 with a walking stick and a young child. :frowning: anyway enough negativity chin up and plod on (literally as the left foot slams down at times)… Haha! Xxx

Hiya Lisalou, your message struck a chord with me as I took my daughter for a shopping day in southampton yesterday and my stick came too, for its first outing! I was so self conscious but nobody even looked at me! I was so glad I took it and I can’t believe how long I’ve put off using it. It’s been on the back seat of the car for months! I’m much older than you (45) but still too young for a stick : ( but, on the positive side, there are some really cool sparkly ones! xx

Thanks, just never thought I’d be 32 with one…may not use it yet. The holiday will be the telling of that which is in may. Although I’m very positive as I do think it’s the best attitude to have, I do feel a bit weird about this. Some people have said get a hiking stick but that won’t fit in my bag and plus a stick is a stick at the end of the day. I have got a decorated one, however if I do use it I will be purchasing a more sparkly pretty one, a few to go with each outfit so people will see although I use one I match them :wink: not explained to my three year old about the stick yet, not sure what to say really. X

Hi, I was 46 ish, when I first got a stick. I hated it back then, but it did give me confidence. I have moved on quite considerably since then, but I wont scare/bore you with the details.

Keep safe now. You could always use it as a weapon if anyone pushes you around!

luv Pollx

I’m really glad I have my stick now. As you know I wasn’t keen on it, but it makes walking so much easier. I am sure once you have tried walking with it, you will immediately realise the benefits. I still manage for little walks like just nipping into the shop for a pint of milk but for any reasonable distance out comes the stick and it really helps.

I didn’t want people asking why I had the stick but they have and I just say that I need it now for walking any distance due to another relapse. They are the ones who get embarrassed because people forget that I have MS as I have looked so well for the last few years.

As for your little one, he will probably view it as another toy! He’ll probably want to play with it and will probably just accept it as part of you, especially if it means you can get about on holiday better than without it.

I have already been looking at different designs as I would like a night time stick for going out - something sparkly and really pretty. I think this may replace my old shoe fetish

Tracey x

Hello Lisa

I was pleasantly surprised at the way most people behaved towards me when I started using a stick. I addition to the assurance it made me a lot less cynical about the human race in general. Once in a french supermarket two little sisters really stared at me shuffling down the isle. They looked away rather abruptly when I stared back and started singing at them! One word of advice; if you’re filling the car up don’t rest the stick on the pump. There are at least three of mine somewhere on the M6.

Best wishes Steve.

I don’t actually know what I can manage as I don’t risk anymore than 800 to a 1000yards just in case so I ma or may not manage, hence the stick. I just feel so young to be carrying a stick round, giving up heels etc etc but I’m sure like you Tracy it may become a stick fetish if I end up using it more than I expected. Steve I will take your advice. Today funnily enough my leg hasn’t felt anywhere near as heavy as it has been but that doesn’t mean anything. As I know its done that, I’ve gone to walk and hey presto by 800 yards , probably less its heavy and not very comfortable. Because of the uncertainty of walking distance I’m not sure whether to apply for a blue badge or not? I’ve a feeling they may say I can walk too far.the 800yards is when it becomes difficult, it feel uncomfortable before that but I limp slightly instead of giving up if you know what I mean. Thanks guys x

Glad to hear you bought one , even if you don’t use it , may give you confidence.

Apply for a blue badge, it will change your life too. Just say the worst you are. You may be able to walk to a shop, but what about back?

Good luck,

Jen x

ps I bought an automatic car yesterday - left leg finding it difficult to use the clutch. Took 9 months to find one, I’m fussy. So pleased will make me more confident to drive in cities (more clutch use!) Anything to make my life easier.

Thanks Jen…I’ve had an auto for a while,not because I needed it but when we changed car we thought it made sense to get an auto just in case. As it happens following this last relapse it has,been a godsend. I have a honda jazz, love it. Its great on fuel too. Thanks for your advice re bluebadge. X x x

Since two lots of back surgery that have left me in pain and loss of sensation and power in my left leg, I had to change too, to an auto. OMG, I love it. Unfortunately, since having my last bad episode of numbness and fatigue etc which I am still overcoming, I don’t really get much chance to drive very far in it. Btw, also had to succumb to the dreading stick, can’t believe how long it took me to choose the right colour though lol. I think someone pointed out that it’s a ar cry from choosing a new handbag…although, ay have to buy one just to fit the new accessory in…well, it would be rude not to :wink:

I have an auto car too. Had it almost two years now mostly beause of my weak right arm. I kept missing a gear with the old manual car. Cars don’t like that especially if you go from 5th gear to 2nd by accident . It’s also one less thing to think about when the brain fog descends and I’m already panicking about a strange route!

I had a shopping list for my car - air con (I overheat easily), 4 doors, auto. Fell in love with a used Toyota Aygo which is not a true automatic apparently (manual gearbox controlled by the engine) but as it has no clutch it makes no odds to me! I love it and it’s not leaving me until it’s very. very old.

Sammy - I hadn’t thought of getting a new handbag purely for the stick but I love your thinking. I have a birthday coming up so now I know what to put my birthday money towards

Tracey x

Hahaha, go for it! It’s a good excuse! I know what you mean about the brain fog too…I had been blaming the gabapentin I was taking for my back, as no other symptoms other than that, and a bad memory were really showing at this point. It’s weird, I was really aware of my memory loss, so much so, I was seriously considering going to the gp for fear of dementia lol. I kept putting it down to baby brain, but seeing that my youngest is two and a half, thought it a worry. I am dreading using my stick for the first time though, people can be so nasty if they think you are doing something for effect, that’s why I have struggled so long without. I used to have the buggy, but now little legs walks everywhere, so I need a little help at times. Ahhhh the joys eh? Ps, make sure you pick a nice expensive handbag…your worth it! Xxx

My neighbours wife died a few weeks ago of cancer. He is very sweet and gave me the very pretty walking stick that he bought for his wife. It was only used twice he said, as she went down hill very quickly. He has been watching me hobble for months now! I thanked him but atm it has gone in cuboard! I just cant face it yet I suppose.

Moyna x

I’ve got a nice folding zebra stripe stick in handbag, got it from ebay.

I try to use it as little as I can, so park as close as possible to the supermarket, then grab a trolly straight away, and do the close as possible parking at work too, struggle without it just to see a walking session through, but I’ve got it, it’s there when needed.

I remember the first time I used it taking my son along to school, he’s was fine about it (he’s 7) although he did say that it was a bit too jazzy for me, as I’m not a teenager :slight_smile: I was 43 at the time I guess! I did get some stares from some of the other skool mums and questions like, what had I done, had I fallen? etc… my MS isn’t common knowledge.

I would love an auto car though, my wee manual one is great but weak left leg and cluch dont always go together :-S



I first used a stick about 5 years. Instantly my walking was better, my strides were longer and I was more confident. It also acted as a signal to other people who in the main responded very positively by being more kind and considerate by holding doors open etc. I did the odd look and question from nosey parkers. My response varied very much upon how I was feeling at the time.

On a recent holiday, a young girl, maybe 6 or 7, came up to me and said “Your leg must be really sore if you use crutches. I hope it’s not too sore and that it gets better soon” which was a lovely thing to say.


Thanks guys, I will use it if I need to, and it may give me that confidence to go a little further too. My physio said I walk a little funny but she thinks its the way I hold myself, like I’m scared almost and then I make myself walk different…she said I look tense. My hubbie has also said this. Anyway time will tell eh? It’s just that stigma isn’t it? And the fact I feel too young to be using a stick. Thought I may have at least have got to my 40s. Oh well. X x x

Oh and I struggle finding jazzy sticks as I’m only 5foot :frowning: gonna have to do some research if I start using it. X

The brain fog only seems to affect me on unfamiliar journeys - once I have gone wrong I get flustered and make one mistake after another and my driving goes completely to pot! I once tried to exit a multi-storey car park by the entrance and couldn’t work out why there was nowhere to insert my parking ticket . Then instead of reversing at exactly the same angle to correct the mistake, for some reason I turned the steering wheel and got caught up on a kerb inches away from the fence separating me from the exit lane. Luckily I did calm myself down and sort myself out without damaging the car but I felt such an idiot! I take ditsy to a whole new level sometimes … It’s not something I have declared to DVLA because, when I mentioned it at work, several colleagues confessed to much the same thing and they have no health issue to blame it on !!

I found my short stick at The Stick and Cane Shop online. Mine is adjustable from 74cm to 82cm, there wasn’t a huge selection at this length but there must be other companies that sell short ones. I believe they can cut them shorter too as there are reviews online and one said they had to have theirs cut. Perhaps if you google short sticks?

Tracey x