My first walking aid ! Not sure how I feel .....

Just got my first walking aid - not sure how I feel … Bit embarrassed to be out and about using it - I know I will feel safer .

Hey I got sciatica earlier this yeah, n was usin a crutch, but wasnt workin, so bought a pink sparkly stick, which is great to look at. I used it for a while n hated it, thought everyone was lookin at me, its now in the boot, n hubbi says bring the stick, im like il b fine. Im goin out tomo by myself, so i think i might bring it !!! V xx


I also use a stick and I absolutely detest that I need it, so I decorate it with fake flowers and battery powered fairy lights (I am also a glitz and glitter girl) - this cheers me up a little. I see the stick as a weapon in my fight against this stupid disease - MS has meant that I can no longer wear my pretty heeled shoes, and I am terrified of falling, but I’m still walking with flat shoes and a stick, it’s not going to beat me that easily!

Luisa x

Hello all, I too use a stick. I have a black and silver glitzy metal, fold-up one which fits in my handbag and I take it with me when I know I have a lot of walking to do. I take it out and use it when I start to get tired and wobbly. It keeps me going that bit longer.

I also use an older and now rather bent stick when out walking the dog. Luckily I meet few people as I go out early in the morning. I am still rather self-conscious about using them, especially amongst people I know. It must have been a year or two since the physio ‘taught’ me how to use it before I could actually bring myself to do so.

Good luck.


Isn’t it embarassing to start off with? I felt really nevous about going in to work (for a chat with occupational Health!) and I got really cross when my kids joked about me having a walking stick in front of the in-laws, who didnt know, and hadnt seen me enough to realise what was happening to me. Then I couldn’t go down the street without being amazed at how many people were using them. The only problem was they all seemed a lot older than me. I also find embarassing the fact that most of the time the stick aint doin anything but being a ‘just in case’ appendage which makes me feel people are thinking “What the hell does he need that for?”, but then at least they realise you are not drunk when you start to lurch and reel across the pavement.

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You are not alone my friend,

I use an arm crutch and it stops me from falling when my balance goes haywire. There are lots of trendy arm crutches and sticks out there on the internet. You can get spoty ones and wonderfull bright coloured ones too. As mrbobowen has just said there are lots of people out there using sticks. Just feel sorry for idiots who make snide comments at you! They don,t know any better!! All my friends and family are used to seing me with my arm crutch. If it was,nt for my arm crutch i would have not been able to go to spain last month, and have a lovely holiday with my best friend (Brian, also my hubby). Learn to embrace you stick as it will serve you well!!

Good luck,

Jane x

Hi I think i shud defo start usin mines agains, mines is a “just incase” stick as well, which always makes me think, wel i might not need it, so leave it in car. I went to car boot alone the other wk, n was like no i wont need it. After like 10 mins of slow walkin, my back was killin me, so i struggled on, n wen i finally got in the car was in so much pain. U wud think that wud of taught me, but no iv not used it since. Im jus bein silly really. V xx

Please be using your aid and use it without shame!

I have a walking stick that I’ve used for a while and given that I walk like I’ve had a few the stick does make a statement of ‘possibly not a drunk, maybe just a mobility issue!’

I also use a foot up, but it is so discrete that hardly anyone notices.

When I have a ways to go I have my three wheeler. I wish I’d taken it into town last week; if I had I wouldn’t have ended up in A&E with a big bump above my right eye as I wanted to go forwards but my body went sideways and ‘Smack’, right onto the pavement did I go!

They say pride goes before a fall!!I was far more embarrased to be helped off the ground than if I’d had the correct support and never fallen.

Clare xxx

Hi, saw this old post has re-appeared, so thought I`d add my two pennyworth!

I`ve been a full time wheelie now for around 7 years.

Yes, it keeps me safer from all the horrendous falls I use to have. But there are still the odd ones and near misses when transferring.

Another brill good bit is that it stops me from getting so totally knackering just trying to get from A to B.

Then theres the benefit of being able to go shopping and seeing other able bodied folk having to go home, cos they are knackered. I dont go home until I cant steer for bags and stuff!!!

Are there any not so great benefits in using a wheelie 24/7?

Well, yeh, course there are.

I dont want to be a wet blanket here, but to name one or two of em ;

muscles get very weak, feet and ankles get fat, that`ll do, unless anyone really wants to know more…

luv Pollxx

ps whoever you are anon, how are you doing now?

Ah Clare! Hope you`re okay after your fall. Shucks!

luv Pollx

“They say pride goes before a fall!!I was far more embarrased to be helped off the ground than if I’d had the correct support and never fallen.”

I definitely prefer the stares because of the stick to the scars and bruises from falling!

L x

Well after my post this morn, i decided yes im goin to use it. So again went to car boot. Was drivin through the gate to the diabled parkin, n the guy stopped me n was like, do u have a badge in a sarky way, n i was like yes i have a blue badge, n he went oh ok then u better go in. So yeh not a gd start. I guess a 30 yr old girl, in a sporty, blacked out windows car, dont look like she shud b disabled lol. Well got my stick out, no one looked, i actually noticed lots of other people with them. N after 10 mins got dizzy n was in pain, so hobbled back to the car n my mission was complete lol.will carry on usin it now. V

morning, when I was first adviced by my physio to get a stick I was filled with dread, I knew she was right but that didn’t make me feel any better, but I thought ok if you’re having a stick, you’re having a right one, mines black with silver running all the way through it, the compliments I get about it, yes at first I felt really embarrassed but you get used to it, then when I started to struggle to walk for a period of time without tiring myself and having to stop all the time it was suggested again to get help, then came the wheelchair, again didn’t like it, but it was either that or stopping in all the time, now I couldn’t give a monkeys now, so go on get it, use it with pride, hold you’re head high, good luck and take good care, Jean x

I use a stick, but hate the damn thing, OT is coming out with various walking frames etc, and a wheelchair for longer journeys, my family have been very supportive but me I feel physically sick about using it, stupid I know


I started with a stick and felt really self conscious & emabarrased with my NHS grey issue so bought a folding type, with a left handed handle for more support and which colour co-ordinated with the colours that I like wearing!! Next to my wheelchair, it is my best friend :slight_smile:

As my walking deteriorated I got issued with a rollator - back to square one, self-conscious & embarrased, but hey ho it helped greatly with my walking and any stares got responded to with the nicest of smiles (they soon looked away!)

I now have had to succumb to a wheelchair or scooter as I can only walk a few feet and it takes forever. To start with the same old feelings returned but now I don’t care what others think, they are probably more curious than anything? I remain polite & courteous but I keep my head held high and tell myself I’m still the same person I was before the walking aid days.

Keep smiling and use that stick with pride.

Take care

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Thought I’d join in, I’ve been using my stick now for about three years. The reason I started using it was because I find that the ground is very hard and I can’t stand the sight of my own blood. So after many falls I gave in and now I don’t go outside without it. I take no notice if anyone stares, I just give them a great big grin and carry on. Good luck with yours.

Janet x


don’t worry about using an aid. i remember the first time i got my foldable stick out and used it and my husbands look of shock was awful. but i decided that i never leave my house or i use it and i went for using it-my 2 kids didn’t even flinch when i went out with them and used it.then it was horrid having to use it in front of my mum but now i have done it she never even mentioned it!!! i think we are the ones who feel embarressed but walking with one is better than falling over -especially out with the kids!!!

good luck with it and DON’T WORRY


Well, after reading all the posts, I’ve decided to get the folding walking stick out that’s been hiding in my bag for 2 weeks because I felt too embarrassed to use it. Heck, if it stops me stumbling around and means that I won’t go flat on my face, it’s got to be better! I agree that it’s going to be hardest around family and workmates. I sometimes think that people think I’m being dramatic because sometimes I walk like I’m only a wee bit tipsy but most times like I’ve had 10 pints (I’m tee total by the way - ironic I know!) At the end of the day, I’ve got to think about what’s best and safest for me. I hope that didn’t sound selfish. Onwards and upwards!

well done!!!

Took me a long time to pluck up the courage to use it but so glad I did. if anything it makes people know you have a problem and are not drunk!! if you go on the switch sticks website you can get some really funky sticks.


i used to use my stick anywhere except my home area,would go shopping with wife bouncing off all the tins etc,then i came to my sense,it is for my own saftey.if your short sighted u wear glasses,if u struggle with balance and walking u use a stick,it is deffo better ,than looking like your drunk all the time :slight_smile: