Whatever happened to....

Hi guys, whatever happened to our light hearted banter/ranting? it’s a few days to the ‘C’ word and I have been looking in to our forum and getting straight back out I need a little chat about non important things ref. symptoms and how much things suck.

So here we go I have just finished writing my ‘C’ cards, boasting or what? I mentioned things on the cards ref. cease the day and taking things by the scruff ot the neck and rattling the £££k out of it! I also fancy a retro popcorn maker, should I suggest this to Santa or just send for the damn thing?

Missing you guysxx

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Does Santa usually listen to you? If not I’d send for one, if Santa has slimmed down enough to get down the chimney you can always send it back to wherever you ordered it from. Wrote my cards this week I even posted a few Been wrapping pressies tonight while watching Strictly…oh how I wish I could dance an Argentine Tango Frankie was brilliant tonight.

I’ve been buying Butterkist popcorn the kind you pop yourself in the microwave…it isn’t a patch on the full butter stuff you buy ready popped but I’m trying not to put weight back on…I even bore myself sometimes!!!

What would everyone do one last time if you had a wish granted?

I would Ski, I’m not greedy, a red run would suffice. I don’t yearn for a black run or to go off piste but I want to ski a red run one last time, I’d stop off at a mountain side bar drink hot chocolate with fresh cream and end the day drinking cold beer, singing and dancing at an après ski bar.

Oh well a girl can dream…

Jan x


wrote and sent all my cards, all lights and xmas tree up,wrapped all the presents,done my food shop online its coming 22nd,so pleased to say i am just about ready… So bring it on,ready and waiting… its my little grandaughters 2nd xmas too…so looking forward to xmas day with her…

J x


My cards are posted and I’ve got ones finished to deliver by hand to neighbours.

Have ordered the food (although it’s only going to be me here … LOL… that’s not as sad as it sounds… I’m going for a big family turkey dinner on Sunday 21st so quite happy to spend the actual day on my tod).

I was just making a right mess of wrapping a fluffy toy cat for my cleaner’s baby girl.

Honestly… I can see what I need to do but getting the hands to do it is a different matter… although luckily the food-to-mouth system still works fine and I work on keeping that skill-set going many times a day!!!

Actually going out tomorrow!!! Going by taxi to an old friend… we always have a little ‘do’ every year.

Hope you are all doing well.

M… you’re right… we have been too serious on here of late… no chocolate posts at all…

Love to all,

Pat xx

Is it too extreme to say I love you guys? I’ve sent to Santa online for the popcorn maker! My kettle 6 weeks old nearly burnt the house down BUT guess what it didn’t! Got a new red one to match my retro popcorn maker, I’m going for positive guys. Take care, be safe and may all your stumbles be safe and phew that was lucky!

Just what I neededM