Anyone near me ??

Hi people I’m new to this site not yet diagnosed but close to it . I’m 32 year old male with a wife and two gorgeous daughters i live near bury st edmunds thats in suffolk ( east anglia ) just wonderd how other people my age get over this hole thing

sadly not as young as you but truthfully you don’t get over it, just learn to deal with it.

make sure that you have something to look forward to.

i don’t go out much (don’t drink much and don t like being with people who drink too much). i used to drink quite a lot but now it feels like poison.

so i booked a ticket to festival no. 6 in portmerion 14-16th sept. google it - sounds fab

my husband and sons dont want to go but i’m ok on my own. however i visited a friend on friday and she is going so i’m going with her in a camper van!! i’m made up about the festival and especiallly about the camper van.

got tickets to a gig in november.

meet up with other pwms because they understand. i go to trafford ms therapy centre - they offer HBOT (hyper barric oxygen therapy) and loads of other therapies. best of all a great crowd.

sorry i havent got a magic recipe or i’d share it with everyone.

try to concentrate on what you CAN do and stay positive. (but you are allowed to occasionally feel positively pi**ed off)

take care

carole xxxxx