another gig!

Another gig last night… went to see another tribute band - called BootLed Zeppelin, who were much better than they had any right to be! I was hoping they’d play my all time fav Zeppelin track, Kashmir - and they did. Live music which rumbles through the seat of your chair… and a mega light show and pyrotechnics, the Jimmy Page-alike playing the theremin and his guitar with a bow… they had it all. Tight, well rehearsed, the singer was pretty good - not Robert Plant, but still charismatic, a great frontman and the nearest thing we’re going to get these days. Standing ovations all round.


sounds fantastic! my life has been sadly gig less. however i’m going to see hawkwind in october to start off my 60th birthday celebrations! glad you posted this because i hadn’t realised that i was feeling empty and i’m glad that reaching the grand old age of 60 means that the famine will be over!

I have just booked to see Fun Lovin Criminals in March. First gig I’ve been to in years. First gig I’ll have been to as a wheelchair user. (On the plus side, Mr S gets in free!)

Can’t wait. I love Huey Morgan. Possibly as much as TDC loves Brian Johnson.


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!!! I’m off to see Van Morrison on Friday (all being well) in Llangollen, there is such a place Mr D!!! xx

sssue the crims are brilliant. scoobie snacks starts with that tirade of swear words done by uma thurman in pulp fiction. as for van morrison, i really love moon dance! enjoy tracey

Thanks Carole! Gin will be involved by then, today will be a distant (bad) memory & I will be lamenting all over again on Saturday, but needs must. xx

The Crims are members of the fffffff gang.

And Van is great.

Isn’t music amazing!!



The mention of Led Zeppelin immediately takes me back to 1979 and Knebworth… great times.

Thanks for the reminder.


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Good day, it sound good but will it beat my last gig, Val Donnican, with the Batchelors as supporting act,LOL

I know.

I was there at the International Musical Eisteddfod supporting my local male voice choir, a few years ago.

(We came second).

You should have called for a cuppa, I’m only up the road xx


i was convinced that the stones headlined in '78.

hurray for google, the stones were on in '76.

lynyrd skynyrd were on too.

my very first festival.

17 baby faced and puppy chubby!

i’m so very grateful to music.

it makes you know that you are alive/were alive!

keep on rockin’!

Love them too, enjoy x

I just did my first gig as a wheelie - I saw Nine Inch Nails at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday, it was amazing and my view was amazing The venue was just brilliant and the staff amazing.

Sonia x

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sonia i’m really chuffed that you are still getting to see NIN. kinda keeps us going doesn’t it? these are the times when i miss my salary. stuff doesn’t matter but gigs really do.

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You are so right, meeting up with friends after the gig was also rather lovely (albeit very quick). View was amazing too so I won’t be worried about doing it again.

Sonia x

Have seen in Concert:-

Van Morrison, Chris Rea, Jethro Tull, & Judi Tzuke! The Rolling Stones are still strutting their stuff!

A few years ago, I made my wheelie debut seeing Leonard Cohen at the O2 in London. Since then, I’ve been to numerous concerts and everyone was wonderful.

I saw my favourite band, a Scottish band called the Bathers in Glasgow a couple of years ago. After a mix up with the travelling arrangements, my brother and I arrived at the concert venue with only 2 minutes to spare. My relief at finally getting there was offset by the fact the concert venue turned out to be standing-only and we were at the very back and I couldn’t see a thing. One of the guys at the door said “hold on, this is useless for you”. After numerous “excuse me’s”, he got us to the very front row, inches from the stage and asked “Is this better?”. “Too right, it is and thank you”. The concert was absolutely wonderful, as was the guy’s thoughtfulness.


Glad to hear you were well treated.

Nice one


It was so good, I posted it twice. Doh.