We’re off to see a gig tonight, first time in ages. A tribute band - for a band who don’t exist these days, but everybody knows at least some of their songs… they’re called T-Rextasy. I’ll leave you to guess whose songs they do! And yet I’m still worried… about needing the loo halfway through, about getting there without making an arse of myself and all the rest of it. Humph. I hate this flippin’ thing because of stuff like this!

i saw a T Rex tribute band last year, you can’t beat a blast from the past!

you can’t fool the children of the revolution!

wear a tena lady maxi night because they are less likely to leak!

They were reasonably good… all the obvious things, but a couple of new ones on me… B-sides of obscure singles etc.I wouldn’t put myself down as a hard-core fan (there were several of those there) but I enjoyed it. What they did do is get the feel of the originals - and had the whole place up dancing! No incidents, back to someone else’s house after, for a bite to eat and several hours of alcohol-fuelled discussions with people who are 180 degrees away from us, when it comes to politics, but we agreed that next time we’d leave politics at the door. Friendship is far more important! It was 4 a.m. by the time we got to bed. Interval = every woman in the place queueing for the loos…but it wasn’t a problem.