party pooper!


i was invited to a christening by the matriarch of a large family of party animals.

at one time this would have been my cup of tea but sadly i had to leave early (to many cries of dismay).

in fact i would have loved it if they had been able to offer tea or coffee, there’s only so much gin a body can take!

i was reduced to having a private pity party in my bed.

i’m so angry with ms.

could it not let me have one day of normality?

grrr! i’m going to pull myself together and give it a kicking,

anybody with a good pair of doc martens can join in!

anyway hope you all had a good day and enjoy the bank holiday.

carole x

Aww Carole. I know exactly how you feel.

We have to leave most family events early (no not most, I would say all). The feeling of the fear of falling and the feeling of being hot and this causing all other symptoms to kick in always sends us away early. I don’t seem to be able to be around loads of people anymore.

It’s not nice is it?

I don’t have any Dr Martens but got a couple of good hardy sticks if that would help.

The sun is shining here in Bristol s am gonna plant some nice flowers in my hanging baskets. Can’t get into much trouble there.

Have a good day sweets.

Shazzie xx

Boo shucks Carole,that’s rotten

I am already making plans for attending my sister’s wedding in July and I have to admit that the anxiety has already started up, ridiculous!

I’m crossing my fingers tho

Sonia x


i feel a lot better today and more so reading your replies!

yes shazzie, by all means bring your sticks to the mugging of ms!

sonia, have a brilliant time at your sister’s wedding.

happy days to everyone

carole x