Fed up of waking up like poop

I am just sick of it. I never know how i will wake up anymore. Sometimes i feel ok other days just like poop. Like this morning. I woke up at 11pm and took my tablets just my paracetamol and diazepam as my legs were really going for it.

I then couldn’t sleep for ages. Finally must have gone to sleep woke up all hot and sweaty and feeling really weird. Buzzing and noisy head, feeling puke again and generally horrible. Double vision so bad its hard to type this.

Not sure i can do this anymore. I thought after i sold the house and sorted out all my fiances and children i would start to feel better. Far from it. Seems I am on some weird ride. I even had great news yesterday, my daughter had an issue with NHS doctors had made a huge error with her hysterectomy and finally after several years they have now admitted liability. So it was a great day yesterday.

So why do i feel like poop again this morning? Its like the worse ever hangover.

I havent seen my neuro since 2016, try to ring the nurse she never calls back.

Really so depressed this morning. I am trying not to panic as i really do feel rotten. My legs are literally on fire.

God please just one week give me a break.


Hi Crazy Chick

With moving house you worry about things and after you relax and your body takes over, we have had the decorations done in the living room it’s beautiful now but we have to put everything back. Plus I have had family problems.

So it doesn’t surprise me that I feel tired, my mum does as well, she has a good excuse she’s eighty one on Saturday.

Maybe you can have a duvet day and s@d everyone else.


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I get exactly where you are coming from - I’m having a bit of a relapse at the minute and can’t seem to get the break i need so badly and feel like 5h1te to be honest - need me time to be honest.

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