another gig!

post it again and again. it was such a good post. restored my faith in human nature! i have just ordered a t - shirt with the slogan “be a kind human”

I listen to Led Zeppelin every day. Never had the chance to see them live, too young unfortunately ! I did go and see Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters last year and the gig was fabulous, well worth making the effort.

if i havent been to a gig for a few months i get restless.

if i haven’t been to one for a year, please shoot me!

it is my 60th birthday at the end of october and i booked tickets for hawkwind at the lowry.

one last head banging session whilst still in my fifties.

a good cover band can do the job too.

there is a madness tribute band doing the rounds of the local pubs.

saw the real madness live many years ago and they came on to the opening bars of One Step Beyond.

without moving my feet i ended up near the front.

terrific atmosphere!!

Enjoy Hawkwind. Should be great. Last year in a client meeting, a client mentioned she had been to the Nile on holiday. All meeting, the words “it’s just gone noon, half past monsoon on the banks of rhe river Nile…” went round and round my head.

Likewise, I’m too young to have seen most of the bands I enjoy. I generally go for classic rock… Led Zep, Deep Purple etc and probably the band which can do very little wrong for me are Pink Floyd. Not into much modern stuff… but good tribute bands get the feel of the original and can be well worth seeing!

Edited to add: Brit Floyd are well worth a look if they’re coming anywhere near you. “Comfortably Numb” had me on the verge of tears, just like the original does! (I’ve specified that I want that track played at my funeral…“The child has grown, the dream has gone…I have become comfortably numb.”)

“Here comes the boat, only half afloat”

Seen them 2016, love Madness. Saw the Specials the same year. In fact I saw Stone Roses, Stereophonics & AC/DC as well!

no wonder your heart is all over the place…

I would love to see The Specials. Amazing mix of gigs that year Tracey, eclecticism rules with music (IMO).


They were awesome Sue. It was funny sitting with millions of Mods with AC/DC all over my arm, they let me off because obviously I wasn’t a threat & they were all too old anyway. All the Fred Perry t shirts was funny though, including Mr Dc!!! My eardrums should have gone Mick, but after the bombardment of heavy rock, their immune.

my eardrums survived my love of LOUD LOUD rock but I now have Tinnitus (a diesel bumble bee) most of the time. Due to either the loud music or lack of earplugs whilst riding loud motorcycles.

Mick - (who sad that?)

I should have it Mick, motorbikes should have contributed, but at the moment it’s the only ailment I seem to have escaped, unless the music has drowned that out as well.

My tinnitus just gives me one more thing to bleat about. Who knew that the wind roar in a crash helmet might convince my silly brain to generate its own background rumble. In my “top trumps” world, hardly an issue to worry about,


mick- sorry about your tinnitus, hubby has it and personally (don’t tell him) i think he uses it as an excuse not to listen.

tracey - keep on rocking! amongst the mods.

fracastorius - thanks for starting this thread.

i’ll be playing Spirit of the Age to death in the run up to hawkwind!

sssue - hope you get to see a band before the year is over.

loves ya

A wee bit more mellow but in the last year or so, I’ve seen the Fureys, Al Stewart and Steve Forbert. Saw each of Madness, The Specials, Selector, The Beat, The Lambrettas amongst others way back in the 80’s when I was a trendy young lad.

A good choice. One of my favourite versions of Comfortably Numb is where the late great David Bowie sang with David Gilmour at the Royal Albert Hall, genius.

The Great Gig in the Sky gets me every time!

I will keep an eye out for Brit Floyd thanks.

derek we used to have al stewart’s year of the cat on vinyl. i have it playing on you tube right now. carole x


it’s to come across anyone who has heard his music.

Al was 73 when we saw him last year. He played for over two hours and after the concert was more than happy to sit, for what must have been a long, long time and chat and sign things for fans. He is a truly brilliant wordsmith, a wonderful songwriter and has written so many great song on a huge variety of subjects. He has spoken a number of times, including the recent concert, regarding his songwriting, saying that he would get no satisfaction from and would never, ever write a song on the lines of “I love you, yes I do, shoo bi do, I love you”

The concert was great. As was the very first time we saw him way back in the mid 80’s and a number of times since.

An old girlfriend of mine, another Carol, first introduced me to Al when I was at uni in the early 80. There’s a song called Carol on his Modern Times album from the 70’s which was the first connection. I was smitten by Carol, the girlfriend and then smitten by Al’s songs. The love affair with Al’s music has stood the test of time. The relationship with Carol did not last 6 months! There’s a wonderful song on Modern Times called Not The One. The essence of the song seemed to fit our situation and it soon became my song for Carol after she dumped me. If you haven’t heard it before, check it out on YouTube.


Andy Scott of The Sweet is my godmothers brother , a silly revelation, but there it is!!!

Great shout Tracey.

And the man at the back said everyone attack, and it turned into a ballroom blitz…