Happy Childhood Memories/Food

Following on from Helen’s brilliant post. What memories do you have of childhood.

Helen, I enjoyed your post so much thought this would be a good follow on to keep us all happy reminiscing!!

What about bath time in a tin bath in front of the open fire. Arrrrr!! Not so good if you are one of three kids and the youngest as you would have to have the last bath!!

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie,

When my granny made cabbage & corned beef for tea she would do a few extra potatoes. Then the next day they would all be mashed together, with some onion then made into wee cakes, dipped into egg and covered in breadcrumbs and fried. She called them ristoles.

They were so tasty!!

Also I loved sausage and bean pie that we used to get for school dinners. Yum Yum.

The problem is that I just had a salad for lunch and all this is making me feel very hungry.

JBK xx

Farleys Rusks. They became my Christmas treat at breakfast when I grew up!

Simple beans on toast. Homemade fish fingers. And good old hearty shepherds pie. Xx

My rollerskates. The old fashioned metal and leather ones. Needed a spanner to adjust them. Spent many a happy hour on them. Don’t need skates to make my legs go in different directions now though!

Being given a penny by my Grandad and being able to go into a proper sweet shop and coming out with a bag full of treats.

Playing Kerby with a ball for hours and something we called what ‘time is it Mr Wolf’ which was effectively a game of chase lol. Every street always had one grumpy person who would steal your ball if it went into their garden. Such fun.

Helen x

Oh yes Helen - the grumpy neighbour ours was called “Smudger Smith”. Always spoiled our fun. The corner shop used to sell sugar mice with string for the tail. They were either pink or white.

Oh yes Helen - the grumpy neighbour ours was called “Smudger Smith”. Always spoiled our fun. The corner shop used to sell sugar mice with string for the tail. They were either pink or white.

Sweetie cigarettes - didn’t you just feel so grownup when you had a packet.

How times change


Hahahah yes Dinks, our neighbour was called Mrs Martin who was obviously called Mrs Martion. I also remember the day my sister left her space-hopper at the bottom of my dads ladder when he was painting the guttering black. Exit stage left one running sister and one dad covered in paint.

Helen x

What about school discos? I remember I loved the Bay City Rollers and it was compulsory to wear your tartan scarf. All together now ‘Shanga lang’ I am right back there

Helen x

I remember getting knocked out by a sodden leather football, also when somebody’s mother thought it would be a good idea (b’day party) to play blind man’s bluff outside and I walked into a lampost and then again on holiday walking into a glass door, it was open so the edge of an inch and a half glass door! ever accident prone! I was actually having a good time, I do remember, before waking up in quiet darkened rooms!

Oh boy the 70s. So many bands so many concerts. I go back further than that but thoroughly enjoyed 70s although the OH will say 60s were better. Not so sure about 70s fashion though.

Tee hee, my memories seem to revolve around toast! Apologies if this grosses anyone out but I remember dripping on toast with my Nan very fondly, and My Dad would dip buttered toast into tea, it sounds a bit gross too but tea and toast was yummy. I barely eat gluten now, so I wonder if the idea from what I remember is better than the reality?! Sonia x

Sonia - you are so right dripping on toast. Yummy it was then not sure I would like it now. How about bubble and squeak? left overs were never wasted. Bags were always reused it certainly is not new!

Yep, definitely more a nice memory than a nice reality :wink: I was the only one i the family that didn’t like bubble and squeak BUT I was a fussy kid, I didn’t like baked beans That one only changed very recently when heinz brought out their 5 Beans version, LOVE them, I think it’s a texture thing :smiley: x

what lovely memories all the replies are sending.

Bread and dripping. Lush. I always loved that. We didn’t have a fridge, mum just used to keep it in the oven. Yuk. But lovely.

Another favourite memory of mine was bathing my tiny tears in a washing up bowl while I was in bed. Then falling asleep and waking up in a soaking wet bed and having to sleep in the bath cause I didn’t want to tell mum and dad. Oh the memories.

I’m sure wagon wheels used to be bigger!!!

Shazzie xx

they did - and penguins and fish fingers.


My favourite memories are of spending the school hols at my nans house and helping her cook my all time favourite pudding. She really got me interested in cooking and I’m forever grateful for that. Queen of Puddings is still my favourite. I only have to smell it and i’m back to being about 8 years old stood in her kitchen. Toast and dripping was always a Sunday tea for us from what I can remember. Still love it :slight_smile:

Sharon x

Sharon you are right about smells. I once did a course whilst a foster carer about the importance of senses and behaviour in children. The lady running the course had lots of different aromas in bottles and asked us all to identify them. One was of freshly washed sheets - took me right back to days watching grandma using an old mangle on her wet sheets. It was so easy to see how children can be transported back to not so happy as well as happy memories. One of the best smells in her bottles was strawberry chewitts. Anybody remember them. JBK you are so right all choccy bars have shrunk and it is not because my mouth is bigger cos I have always had a big mouth!