Happy Childhood Memories/Food

Corned Beef Hash was always a favourite oh and ham shank & mushy peas on top of a pork pie. I wish my kids liked these dishes but they don’t :frowning:

Corned beef hash…uuummmmmmmmm…going to make one for tomorrow’s tea.

The Bay City Rollers are coming to our local theatre in October, with Les McKeown as lead singer. I have rounded up some friends (all female of a certain age!), there are 8 of us and we are in the third row. We are still on the look out for some tartan scarves to tie round our wrists and stitch down the sides of our jeans lol. It’s going to be such a fun night. We are going to be teenagers in thought at least for one night only.

They are on tour so you may get to see them at a venue near you if you are so inclined. I’ll let you know if they are any good …

Tracey x

Now, food - I loved bread and dripping. We always had that at gran’s house. Bubble and squeak on Fridays to use up the veg we had turned our noses up through the week. Leftover beef was made into rissoles. I hated the power cuts in the 70s because that meant beans on toast as it was pretty much the only thing we could heat up on the paraffin stove. Proper rice pudding, I still make it now. When my mum had lots to feed (there were 7 of us normally anyway) she used to make sausage casserole or macaroni cheese, they’re still my comfort foods now when I’m in need of something warming and simple.

Thanks for the nostalgia

Tracey x

Happy Happy times. Wonderful memories. Off to bed now to dream of bread and dripping and bubble and squeak!!! Lovely!!

Shazzie xx

oh i miss my grans sunday dinners. most the vegis out of the garden. then the fry up she made on mondays with what was left over from sunday. did someone mention rice pudding? oh i used to love the skin that formed on the top haha.

my grandad used to say " its the old pans son" i dont dout it but my gran was a great cook, god bless her

Brookside, Baywatch, Blind Date… used to avidly watch all 3. Would love to see brookside again, just to see if it’s aged well or not.

Youtube session later me thinks :slight_smile:

my great auntie lizzie made her own ginger beer and always had a custard tart with lots of nutmeg in the aga.

i love those smells and crabbies alcoholic ginger beer is my fave tipple.

also Dinks mentioned mangles

mum once told me that her naughtiest friend used to have her dress deliberately caught in the mangle so that her mum could have 5 minutes peace.

I remember things from my childhood but nothing I remember fondly, which is quite sad. I always remember myself as being very self conscious and not wanting to stand out or be noticed. I didn’t want to be seen enjoying myself. Maybe I thought I’d get told off, or maybe I felt awkward about having fun when my parents were constantly moaning about how hard life was. I think being happy was seen as being disrespectful. It’s amazing how you interpret things as a child. A lot of these beliefs stayed with me well into adulthood…I can’t do what I want because it’s selfish/disrespectful. I have to give way to others. Interesting…

This is a lovely thread, makes me all nostalgic. Here are some more of mine…Gran making us our own bubbles using washing up liquid, making our own perfume from rose petals which smelled horrible and went brown, making my own show jumping course in the back garden with brushes and spades [ I was the horse jumping over them] and my grandad’s greenhouse full of tomatos. The smell of vine ripened tomatos takes me right back there. Ahhhhhhhhhh

Helen x

doing handstands at breaktime during the summer cause we were allowed round the back on the grassy area. And all the different names for doing different things with your legs.

Asking for 10p’s worth of sweeties in the sweetie shop - or the 10p mix-up’s. Taking glass bottles back to the shop for money back on them (good recycling)

I also remember that we would have ice-cream on a sunday after the roast and on occasion my granny would open a tin of fruit cocktail (rather than just tinned pears) and she would always give me a cherry.

On winter days when I got back from school and was hungry my granny would make me a slice of toast to keep me going until teatime. It must have been special bread cause toast now is just not the same.

Why oh why did I have to grow up!!!

JBK xx

I agree JKB why did we have to grow up? Things were so different when I was growing up and I often remind my children how lucky they are. I would never have dared take another slice of bread without asking. Oh how times have changed! Sue x

The dressing up box full of grandma’s old clothes and hats and broken bits of jewellery. Trying on Mum’s best high heel shoes and attempting to put on lipstick and getting it everywhere. AND I never remember it raining during school holidays when I was a kid.

JBK of course it was special bread cos the toast was made with love by Granny so nothing is ever going to come close!

mickthetrick - I still do love the skin on a rice pudding!

I my weight gain attempts I eat rice pudding about 4 times a week so it’s the very clean and sterile individual portions from M&S or Tesco for me - I think a pint of full-cream milk might ne be in order for this weekend and a proper rice pudding in the oven :smiley:

I feel all warm and content just thinking about it :smiley:

Sobia x

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon…

Dressing the Christmas tree in every colour imaginable [none of this co-ordinated rubbish] and fighting over which chocolates were yours. Shaking and poking the presents underneath the tree trying to guess what they were. Waiting till your mum went out shopping so you could search for what they had bought you. Aunts and Uncles coming round on Christmas eve for a glass of sherry and your uncle pretending that it wasn’t him making the ‘ping’ noise with his glass and it was infact the sleigh…


Awww hcd. I’m sorry you don’t have happy memories. Very sad.

The only bad memory I have is my gran pouring condensed milk over my fruit cocktail. Terrible*. Yuk!*

Shazzie xx

We used to play tennis up the middle of the road all day because you never saw any cars until the dads came home. Nobody had 2 cars to a family unless they were very posh and we never knew anyone that posh in the council houses lol!! I remember taking the Corona bottles back, we used to save ours up in the coal shed until we were really broke and then take them back. Sometimes it would take two of us kids to carry the crate between us!

If mum had a good win on the bingo we used to get a bag of crisps each and some beer and lemonade from the pub so we could have a shandy each. My son doesn’t believe that crisps were such a treat back then, he always has several packets in the cupboard. Sometimes we would have chips instead and eat them from the newspaper. They don’t taste the same now that they don’t come in yesterday’s news.

OMG I’ve just realised how old I am …

And Sonia, I always put a tin of evaporated milk in my rice pudding with the normal milk to make it extra creamy because I’m always a bit underweight too, but I make mine in the slow cooker because I hate getting a skin on it!! I love having casseroles and warming puddings in the oven when the weather turns though …

Tracey x

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon…Dressing the Christmas tree in every colour imaginable [no co-ordinated trees then] and paper chains across the ceiling. Shaking and poking the presents under the tree trying to guess what they were. Waiting for your mum to go out shopping so you could search her bedroom for hiden presents. Aunts and Uncles coming round on Christmas eve for a glass or two of sherry and your Uncle pretending that it wasn’t him that made the ‘ding’ noise with his glass and it was infact the sleigh landing complete with Rudolf…


As a little girl - Watch with Mother was my favourite - black and white. When my daughter was small l managed to get a video of the programmes. l loved to sit with my little girl and watch these old programmes. The Wooden Tops - with spotty dog. The twins would sing ‘whats for dinner to-day - sawdust and hay’. And all these years later - we still say it if anyone wants to know whats for dinner. l think it is sad to see little ones propped in front of the tele on their own - so much nicer to share the enjoyment. lf ever l have grandchildren - l shall be able to ‘share’ the delights of Watch wih Mother again.

When l was small - sweets were still rationed. So it was a real treat to pop to the local shop for granny’s Womans Weekly and 4oz of dolly mixtures - with the ration book.

And of course if there was nothing in the pantry all that was offered was a run round the table leg with a bite off the last leg, or whatever we could see with our eye’s shut!! Lol