Not just any bacon sandwich

I have said it before but if Carlsberg made bacon sandwiches they would be like these…

Hope everyone is OK XXX Don

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Nothing like a bacon sarnie Don, and I whole heartedly about it being on doorsteps…but it HAS to be brown sauce.

I could eat one now, drooling at the thought.

Pam x


No sauce on mine Pam, I have red sauce with chips and that’s about it. I used to have sauce on a thing.

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Super Blog Don, My son would agree…We used to live in Bolton and he still thinks Sue’s Chippy is the best. He would go 25 miles to get his favourite “Chip curry barm” and i have to say they are amazing, but i do think that part of it is about his memories…the taste is probably a big part of his youth and its also the nostalgia of sitting outside the house he grew up in and driving past his old school.

Michelle and Frazer xx


Michelle we went back to a chippy of my youth last year and drove past my old primary school to eat them in the church car park. Memories are fantastic I was back being six years old singing carols with my mates I remember singing while shepherds was their socks by night naughty little boys. The chips weren’t bad but the memories were better

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Don, I’ve just had fish finger sandwiches with tartar sauce, washed down with a can of John Smith’s bitter.

That’s a memory of old eating and drinking habits. As I’m up north, I’m having a carbohydrate festival so it’s pie and chips every night.

Back home tomorrow to falafels and tahini.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Like Pam, I’m 100% with brown sauce for a bacon sarnie but you’re right, a good bacon sarnie makes you happy from the inside, well worth the trip

Sonia x