Am I hungry?

I just sat doodling and drew a plate of fish chips and peas sauce salt and vinegar. We are looking after two of our grandsons until they are collected which means feeding them. I am last in the queue Heather has just gone to the chippie now. It has all happened short notice hence the chippie Our dinner for tonight has now become tomorrows… confused yep so am I but it will soon be as clear as mud!!


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Hi Don

you can’t beat a plate of fish 'n chips…but no mushy peas and no vinegar on mine please!

Enjoy the grandchildren, that time is precious, glad Heather is feeling better.

Have a good weekend.

Pam x

Hey Don! Have you thought about putting that in a blog?

BLAH BLAH BLAH I have cancelled the cancellation so when I get less bored I will blog againlaugh


Pam it was the first time I had seen the boys for a few weeks and it was GREAT

I had a pie because our real tea ie tomorrows tea will be/should have been a lump of cod. We often have fish n chips on a Friday but I wanted fish just not fried. So Heather had got two lumps of cod but collecting the boys and feeding them etc put the fish on hold, it has been one of them days.


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Yes Don , thats a good idea for a blog. We have a lovely fish and chip shop in Frodsham called EJs fry days but it has a high step so i have to sit outside with Frazer and either shout my order in through the door or send Molly and Isabelle in.

Michelle and Frazer xx

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Don, I’d have had two pies then cod pie the next day.

Pastry is the food of the gods.

Looking forward to your next blog. I’ve got a waiting list of at least four. It’s like the heathrow stack.

Best wishes.

Steve I love a pie but I suffer with indigestion I am sitting here in bed with the bottle of peptac on the chair beside me. As I type this the pie made a repeat performance I thought it may have got as far as the carpet so strong was its desire to be known to me for a second time. I work on the assumption that all things you enjoy come with a price to pay, the price for pastry is heartburn r indigestion. I must say sometimes I question the cost but I used to drink, I knew I would have a hangover but it didn’t stop me. Indigestion not stop me eating the foods I enjoy even if I do get to experience them more than once.


I only do fish & chips on a Monday as our local chippy does gluten free on a Monday (after they clean the fryers) and I usually do my ‘mimic fasting’ on Mon/Tues/Weds but just seeing this tread, I’ve asked Rob if he minds going to the chippy tomorrow as it’s been a while

So fasting starts Tues this week, thank you for making me think of it as I started this malarky in July and stopped it just for the clinical so it’s been a couple of months but with that going on, I just didn’t think about it - too busy worrying about taxi times, who was being my carer for the journeys, electronic diary completion, having appropriate clothing ready etc.

Looking forward to dinner already

Sonia x