The Post Christmas World!

Well it was lovely… had a very nice time… but boy am I happy to be in the post Christmas world!

Actually had haddock, mash and peas for tea (all frozen I might add)… so great to eat food that wasn’t soaked in brandy or filled with dried fruit or served with cranberry sauce!

Energy levels stayed pretty good until last night… and today I’ve been in bed all day. But you know what? It’s ok. I had a nice time and now I can just take my time, be calm and quiet, and try to put the gorilla back to sleep.

Did everyone do ok over Christmas?

Love to all,

Pat xxx

Hi Pat I too have fish chips and peas today and like you say it was a nice change. I must admit the amount of sweets and chocs around is mad. Think I overdid it christmas day I cooked for seven people thought I could do it as always I knew best, but looks like the gorilla is now fighting back so maybe next time I will listen to my better half and do less.

Love Mark

Hi Pat, mmmmmm Fish and chips looking forward to that turkeys nice mince pies too But as you say plain foods nice. l need to sort fridge out to see what food has gone past sell by date before we all end up with funnt tums l dont want that, l took the day steddy we had friends to see us it was nice when there went home l could have 40 winks. take care all Jan xx

Hi Pat, I`m having a pork chop, beans and a jacket spud for tea.

But this aft, i have grazed on chocolate brazils, stollen, and alter 8s.

I feel yeuk!

Roll on Monday, when I re start my SW diet!

Yes, I could start now…but theres still a lot of crap in the house! Im too weak willed at the mo.

I also spent 2 days in bed this week…just felt sick!

Happy New Year.

luv Pollxx