My lost weekend

Hi gang, wrote on here on Saturday that my gorilla was out of control... well to cut a long story short... I was up most of Saturday night throwing up... YUK... don't know what it was, a bug maybe... but I never ever catch anything normally (was doing that hellish thing of trying not to be sick... complete waste of time, better to just give in)... oh and I also got the hug... OMG better to just forget about it! sick

Well whatever it was it seems to have gone. Still no appetite but strength is coming back and legs are back to their wobbly but functioning selves.

Actually it did feel like I'd had too much to drink! Room spinning and everything. Maybe it was just talking about Champagne on here the other day that did it... scared2 (hence my reference to the film 'The Lost Weekend'... golden oldie movie about an alcoholic!)

Slept most of yesterday so the whole weekend has disappeared into a fog.

Hope you're all doing ok. 

Onward and upward... happy2

Pat x butterfly

Poor you Pat, I hope you are now back to JUST living with MS.  When anything like that happens I'm usually hoping/praying JUST leave me with the MS - I can cope with that!  Is that 'sick' or what? sorry about the pun.happyflowerheartNothing much happened at the weekend... Take care, MheartSorry about the delay with the sympathysleeping

Hi M, thanks love. Yes JUST leave me with the MS!!!

Ate bowl of muesli this morning and went to loo (first time since thursday!) scared

Sooooooooo blo*dy tired. Actually went to sleep last night wondering if I was dying. Seriously felt like it... and perhaps what's worse is I didn't care.

However, I didn't die of course. Woke up to a new day and had been dreaming of jambalya (dish from the US south made from sausages and rice) so I suppose my thoughts of death were a bit dramatic. tounge

Sorry you've been sleepingM and hope you are feeling a bit better today.

Pat x

What are we like?  I to get that feeling sometimes and think 'I don't care' BUT here we are again, your jambalya made me feelsicknot into sauages.  What's the seafood thing from the South?  What must I never do again?  Eat seafood, how warped is my brain, be kind don't answer.thumbsuphappyflowerM


Hi M, I think that might be the same dish... made various different ways and one is with shellfish... anyway haven't had it for years and way beyond cooking something like that now.. nervous ("pierce film several times and place in middle of microwave")

Still struggling here with the damned crazy gorilla who is hugging me badly on my left side... don't you just love it... the one-sided hug... angry

Bye for now... happy2 happyflower cat xx

Hi Pat

I hope the 'hug' is giving you a bit of peace today!thumbsupTake care, M

Hi, much better! sleepingbut hug gone and feel like I'm coming out of a tunnel (hoping train isn't coming in opposite direction).

Pat x happyflowerbutterflyheart

Hi Pat

I have just returned from a short break in Devon, and was sorry to read that you

have been going through it lately.letdown


Hope today is better for you, onwards and upwards Pat.thumbsup

Hope you had a nice break hon. Yes I'm load better thanks... can't stop eating now! happy2

Pat x thumbsup

Hi Pat

Thanks, we did have a lovely break.  Although very tiring, it is lovely to have a change of

scenery and different people to talk to.thumbsup

As you can tell, I always enjoy having a natter, passes the time of day in what can be a

very small world of ms.


Really glad you feel better, and enjoy your eating, need to catch up now.