Beware the Bears and more fish and chips

I had a narrow escape from being eaten by bears last night. We went for more fish and chips (I do eat other food its just so easy when you are out) and a walk. Being in a wheelchair has benefits it means you cant step on the cracks but the person pushing you has to keep a sharp look out for the bear traps READ ABOUT MY TIME MINDING THE BEARS last night

Thanks for the link, I enjoyed reading some of your blog.

Wendy x

Cheers Wendy it is my way of keeping sane I am glad you enjoyed it. Don

You`re nuts!

but then I am too, so hey-hoe etc!


I resemble that remark

Hope you enjoyed it we did


‘And I say to them, “Bears! Go back to your lairs!”’ A A Milne again.

Thanks again Don, always enjoy your blogs! Nina x

Great blog Don… really made me laugh… and really made me want fish & chips!!! Thanks for that, Pat xx

Pat you may havew gathered we know all the best chippys but you cant beat fish and chips at Whitby sitting on the pavement looking at the sea. AHHH Memories


Loved the blog, Don. Sounds like you had a lovely walk. I am a bit off fish and chips at the moment as we had them last Sunday for my birthday tea and they just sat I’m my stomach the whole night. That’s what I get for having them when I am not feeling well. Watching the tennis at the moment, great game so far. Mags xx

Don I have had fish and chips in Whitby… about 10 years ago. I remember we chose the fish shop because there was a long queue so we thought it must be good… and it was! It was in very busy street… and we crossed the road and sat on a bench… that’s all I can remember… oh and that they were brilliant fish and chips!!! Mags, sorry to hear yours sat on your stomach. Not a good feeling. I had a duck dinner around last Christmas & same thing… I lay awake in the night & swore I’d never eat another roast dinner again! That resolution lasted about 2 weeks… hey ho… Nice sunny day in London after a grey start. Happy Sunday folk, Pat xx

GIVE UP ROAST DINNERS in my best exclaimation voice I must say I could give up lots of things, Headaches UTI’s and spastiscity but Roast Dinners. Wendy and Phil who we go out with and on holiday with are often talking about fish n chips in Whitby ahhhh memories