I was nearly eaten by the Bears

When we went for a fish supper I had no idea that I would be on the menu as it happened being in a wheelchair mean the bears wont get you Confused You Will Be read this my encounter with Bears at Sandwich


PS I have been branded as Mad on the PPMS Board I must say I do resemble that remark

Hi again Don

When we were rich we used to own a boat and harboured it in that stretch of river, this is going back a few years now, we had many a trip up and down the river, we even ventured out to the sea, never spied any bears though. Happy days.

Wendy x

Wendy you must have had fun on there When Heather and I first started courting (does anyone use that term anymore) we used to go to the Dog and Duck I have always wanted a boat but never had one and now we dont evern have a bath for mme to have one in, I could flood the wet room I spose hmmmmm, my mate lived on a boat for a few years at Faversham creek.

The Bears live under the felt squares what ever you do dont lift one up !!

I nearly ended up in the dike once or twice when the were laughing so much, its dangerous cracking jokes in a wheelchair I was really scared I can tell you.Don

Enjoyed reading your blog Don, you tell a good story…mind the bears!!

Yes we did have fun in the boat, do keep that wheelchair away from the edge Don.

Wendy x

Wendy I was proper scared that I would end up being tipped out we were laughing so much

But they all protected me from falling out, getting wet and most importantly from being eaten by the bears.

It was a fun evening. Don