Been out for a sandwich at Sandwich

bright sunny day so out we went

Never missed out on Bacon FRY UP FOR TEA Yippeee

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Nice one Don

Sonia x

Sounds great Don!

Pat xx

Great day Don xxx

Polly xxx

Glad you managed a day out Don, sounds great.

Pam x

it has been the first trip out since going to Kings. I now feel recovered enough to venture out even if it was only sitting in the car eating sandwiches. When I get the card reader I will sort the pictures out they are all of ducks on a puddle but it was a nice puddle.

You can’t beat a nature reserve and some appropriate refreshment afterwards. Our favourite Summer venue is Rye Harbour, followed by the ice cream cart by the car park. We once went to Oare by Faversham, which was really quite beautiful if you like the reedy marshy coast setting.

I like the idea of a sandwich in Sandwich. It could be followed by a game of cards in Deal. I’ve had a pan of scouse in Liverpool and a tequila sunrise in Tequila. I’m not going to Kiev for chicken, although one or two of my mates will for the next round of the Europa Cup.

Best wishes, Steve.

Sounds great Don

Nina x

Steve my brother lives on the road down to Oare Marshes. As a boy I used to go down and the long road to the sea used to have a gate and of a weekend us kids used to open the gate for the cars for a small consideration. Profitable for ten year old boys. We love to visit nature reserves.

Nina it was fun I love the ducks in the puddle.


Looking forward to the photos, Don

Nina x

Nina your WHAT? My photos are rubbish at the best of times but some ducks in a muddy puddle. You need to get out more

I sat at the back window today, camera on chair beside my. Maggie turns up throwing some great moves.

By the time I reversed the wheelchair got the lens cap off and repositioned myself read to take a picture the birds had all given up posing and moved off to find a better garden.


Should read Magpie not Maggie, can’t spell or take pictures are other no end to my talents?

I’ve seen some great photos in your blogs!!

I have three black pheasants coming into my garden at the moment…never seen anything like them but do you think I can get a photo…I’d like to get a decent one to send to the BTO

Its nice to hear you sounding like Don again after all your problems. I’ve decided what I need in my life is a Heather clone!

Keep your chin up and take care of yourself.

Nina x


Gosh we all need a Heather clone.

Don if you could find a way of cloning your wonderful wife you would make an absolute fortune! Of course you would keep the original Heather!

Pat xx

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Yes, most definitely yes! I don’t know what I’d do without my wife Jo. She takes care of me while sorting out our 2 and a bit daughter Rose. I think she might be a secret clone, perhaps a prototype that slipped out of the lab.

Cheers. Steve


She is an absolute brick I love her to bits


Ahh! That’s lovely Don, does she know she a super star on here?

My very very best to both of you,

Nina x

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I told her this morning as she was putting my socks on


she will keep wearing my socks for some reason


Each to their own!!

Actually Don they are an much more comfy than women’s tights and such like.

At least you know what to buy her for Christmas!

Nina x