An afternoon Walk at Walmer and somewhere else

With the sunshine beaming down and after a slow start to the day (it was 12;00 before I got downstairs) we decided to go out dor a walk. Well a being pushed in my case Heather did the walking and the pushing. Read about our wonderful afternoon out on my BLOG :

Ice creams and FISH AND CHIPS what is not to like about an afternoon that involves them both. Hope you have aLL HAD A GOOD WEEKEND oops keep pressing caps lock my fingers and misbehaving today.

Oh fish and chips then ice cream heaven you know how to spoil yourselfs, it allways tastes better when somone else cooks it.

Sat in the car looking out to sea with the gulls flying about waiting for a chip. May have to get hubby out to take us in the week. Regards Jan xx

Weather was lovely in the Lakes too. Spent the morning wandering around the car boot sale. Got a few dvds to add to our collection. By the time we got to the cafe they’d run out of everything so we had a cuppa and scone and I’ve got steak and kidney puddings and baby potatoes in the steamer, waiting for the ping before I add the veg and dinner will be done. I love meals that are easily prepared.

Jen’s just pushed me away from the ironing board so she can earn some spends so I’m a lady of leisure for an hour or two. Bliss! Your weekend sounds very nice but as we had fish and chips on Thursday it was a root through the freezer this morning. Oh and it’s jelly and ice cream for pud. Yum.

Cath xx

Hi Catch

I sometimes have a nose around the car boot sale, really enjoy it.

Love jelly and ice cream, we had a cornetto this afternoon out in the back garden, it was lovely.

Pam x

Sorry should read Catch not catch! Stupid tremor

Pam x

Bloody hell I have done it again, so sorry, think I had better rest

Pam x

Lovely weather in North Norfolk too. We’re up here for a big family gathering, Twenty people all together, though not all here all the time. We rented a large barn conversion in beautiful peaceful country side. The younger faction all went to the beach yesterday. Last night’s meal was catered and it gave us the chance to enjoy without of us having to cook or wash up. Each evening the local barn owl puts on a hunting display. The youngsters have loved that. None of the rooms have been adapted so I have struggled a bit, but managed. Who cares, it has been tremendous. Very life affirming.

Now with added photos

not many but enough to bore you

Great photos Don, I especially like the one with the snails, wasn’t bored! Nina x

Hi Don, great blog! So well described that I felt I’d gone with you. Suspension on a wheelchair… how cool is that. Not sure if you notice but you got a troll (I think it’s called a troll) in your blog comments… disgusting stuff… not sure if you can delete it. Ice cream AND fish and chips! A man after my own heart… Thanks for that… enjoyed that walk very much! Pat xx

Deleted them, I cannot understand why they would want to write such stuff sorry I would have deleted earlier had I seen them.


Great blog Don, love the pictures and certainly not boring.

Pam x


Deleted them, I cannot understand why they would want to write such stuff sorry I would have deleted earlier had I seen them.


[/quote] They are nutters Don. Don’t let it bother you. It’s got absolutely nothing to do with you personally… they do it on anything they can. The point is that the blog is excellent and no little toe-rag can ruin it. Pat xx

Thanks Pat

Just transfered the pictures from this onto Pinterest anyone else use the site for sharing pictures you find and stuff you like? I put some stuff on there

I love photography and pictures plus some really unusual stuff you would never find in a month of Sundays

Picture of the beach were our daughter had her wedding blessed