Walked 8 miles today

Walked in the yorkshire dales today.

I am quite proud of myself that i did it.

Not very fit, overweight and MS and 58

Always loved yorkshire but not walked for years.

But proud that I made it, up hill climb was hard going.

Just want to celebrate the good times.


Well done TB.

Well done!

Well done - It feels go good to do something like that - something before MS we all took for granted. I felt proud of myself the 1st time i went on the treadmill for 3 minutes! Baby steps! But 8 miles!! well done!

I was worried that I would not be able to make it and the others would need to turn back with me.

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But you did it - and im sure the others wouldnt have minded! But to be honest I’ve just done my 1st holiday since my mobility has got worse and I felt the same being on a scooter - would the charge last, can I get on a bus etc. would I be holding others back… Yes there were things we couldn’t do/go on trips because of me but we did different things and we still enjoyed ourselves and they tell me they want to be with me and that is more important…every day is a learning day, and friends/family have to learn and adjust as well as us. Every time you do something you learn from it - maybe it went well and you know you can do it - may be not so good, but you learn from mistakes, hopefully not to do the same again.

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Well done, gives us all a reason not to give into MS.

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Well done to you :clap: :clap: I live in Huddersfield West Yorkshire and I too used to walk in the Dales, sadly haven’t been able to do it for years, it’s a lovely place, with some lovely country pubs and good food, well done again.


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Well done. I also try my best to walk as much as I can. Feel free to write me anytime if you need support and motivation.


Thank you all. This was last year but i do hope to do some walking this holiday too.

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