Kind of success

Well I went on my friends hen night with my mum (actually more her friend) … It’s been planned a while and before my relapse and deterioration. So given my left leg is not great, I can’t walk far without limping slightly, I can’t wear heels and generally can not mooch around the shops like I used to I was slightly worried how it was going to go particularly as my mum had booked accommodation so we could have a day in Manchester before the hen do. Anyway it actually went well… I couldn’t mooch as much but I did walk a far bit , a lot more than I’ve done in the last few months … And whilst I was walking slightly funny I managed. It has proved to me I can still do these things but I need to adapt things slightly. And whilst it means I can’t mooch like I did we had a look in the big next, bought a few things, had lovely food and wine and nice coffee. :slight_smile: And at night I went out with my FLATS on , initially jealous of those with heels on, however as the night went on many had taken their heels off because they were hurting…but I was very comfortable and even managed to have a dance…being very cautious no one knocked me so dancing where there was a rail! Again adapting. But all in all I think successful?! And despite going to bed at 2am I was a lil merry, not drunk…woke up quite bright, had a lovely breakfast and my leg whilst a little achy feels okay and I feel okay :slight_smile: very proud of my little self. X x x P.s my mum on the other hand was not bright eyed but very hangover as she drank a lot more than me. I controlled my drinks knowing that I didn’t want to make things worse by being drunk, just wanted to be merry and still alert of my actions.

Hello Lisa

This is very heartening to hear. I think any details of micro management of symptoms and just reminding us about thinking ahead are really useful on the forum. With the right sort of planning and expectations we can still kick it-or in my case enjoy a placid evening at The Southbank tapping my foot to Rachmaninov!

Best wishes, Steve

Yeah I feel quite proud…it was nowhere like what it used to be but I managed it and I managed it till 2am! Im.not gonna be beaten. I’m still going to purchase a walking stick for my bag just in case but instead of avoiding walking a certain distance because I’m worried I know I kind of can, its just a different style of walking. But hey many people have a walking style! Haha! X

Hi Lisa, oh what a wonderful post. I`m so glad you had a good time.

Good for you!

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll x

Well Lisa that’s the attitude don’t be beaten!..yes it’s hard going round shops and doing all the stuff you used to without getting exhausted bur hey you did fab!!..I also ventured out on sat night but unlike you decided on heels(big mistake!..husband went home for boots) but still had a great night…so it’s bye to heels for now couldn’t walk in them anyways!..well done ypu though xx

Well done Lisa. I went and watched the rugby in a very packed pub on the Strand. I am a bit concious of my neck at the moment as I have a neck tremor but still managed to have a good time, especially as Wales played so well. We then went on to have an Indian and a few drinks in Covent garden. I wasn’t having a great day symptoms wise but I still managed to have a good time. My friends were very drunk and very amusing. He he. :slight_smile: x

Congrats Lisa - loved reading your post. Sounds like you had a great adapted time and felt much better than others in the morning!! Hugs Minx

Thanks all I definitely did have a lovely time…it’s the wedding next Friday and I’ve my shiny silver flats … Must admit the dress would look better with heels as I’m such a short ass… 5foot but at least ill be comfy hey and ill be walking :slight_smile: x x x and more chance of not falling over after a few Vinos in flats than in the heels with this daft left leg! Haha x

Thanks so much for your encouraging post. I’ve got a train trip planned for early April - from Devon to London to Lincolnshire and back, with my cousin. The underground makes me nervous at the best of times, but I’ve bought a foldup walking stick to use and hope that will help me along. I’ve got ‘rest time’ planned into the schedule, so hoping all goes well.

H x

H I am sure you’ll be fine. We did nowhere near as much shopping, walking as we once did but none the less had a lovely day and evening…and woohoo lasted till 2am! Very chuffed and did not have sore feet the next day :slight_smile: its doing it and seeing you can with the necessary changes but still enjoy it that makes it a success. :slight_smile: think also an advantage is I saved a lot of money as I couldn’t do as,many shops as I once would and that once was only about four months ago. Good luck hun and do let us know how it goes. X

It sounds like you had a great time and now you know that you can do big days/nights out with just a bit of forward planning and a few adaptations. We mustn’t ever let MS stop us doing the things that we enjoy, we just have to work round it a bit. I normally rest up for a few days before a big event so that I have some energy in reserve. I also plan in some rest stages. If I’m going to a party I dance to the tunes I really like and sit out the mediocre ones. For big days out, I always take the train because I can nap for most of the journey and by the time I get back to my car I am refreshed enough to drive . For journeys not accessible by train I take ear plugs and a blanket and have a quick nap in the car before I drive home and I am beyond caring what others think of the crazy woman curled up in the back seat of her car!!

I am so glad it went so well, and what a positive message for others, especially the newly diagnosed.

Tracey x