Learning to walk again...........

I have been off work now for 5 years and still no diagnosis although the consensus is I do have MS and have been offered meds like Lyrica to cope with the symptoms and even I.V. steroids (but no thank you at 60 it is too risky with my bones).

Well I found Lyrica made me feel worse and I ended up the first night banging into the wardrobe because i felt so dizzy…no thanks i did try for 2 days but did not like the feeling it gave me.

I have been away on holiday with my husband and my personal assistant (through direct payments). It was a wonderful holiday in exmouth because i had the support of my PA. I stopped going on holiday because it is too difficult to walk far and my husband cant push me in a wheelchair. With my PA she was able to push me around parks and seafronts lol and supported me in my care.

The break did me good just getting out of my house was a break lol.

Anyway i digress.

My PA sat with me the first day and said you know you need to set off walking on your right leg the strong one…you are always walking from the left first which is weak one and that is why your right leg is weak now.

She said why do you walk so wobbly lol…I said i have no idea I just feel my left leg hurts when i put it down on the floor and spasms and cramps and sometimes i cant remember how to walk or put my feet forward (I have actually fallen because of this) so i tend to use a stick and the wall to stop me falling over. I never go out without a stick the reason being I can actually stop myself falling over.

She said why dont you try to walk properly again…maybe it will strengthen the good leg and make you feel less tired.

I must admit i did feel a bit irritated at her saying that to me .… just walk a mile in my shoes…but then i sat and pondered is she making sense? I know all the research i have read about MS and other similar illnesses is that walking is so important the longer you can stay on your legs the better your life will be before you go into a wheelchair full time. I was in a wheelchair now for walking around supermarkets and visiting parks etc not only because of the pain it gives me but the fatigue I feel afterwards just trying to stay upright. Maybe i could slow all that down a bit.

Anyway I know my daughter had a set of crutches so I borrowed them. I have physically forced myself and my brain to try and walk properly. Right foot…left foot stand up straight and walk no leaning…no limping…ignore the pain…walk straight head up.

1 week later and i feel less tired and my right leg strangely enough is not burning as much…

My left leg is still tingling away and buzzing and moaning and my foot hurts like mad sometimes but I feel different…the tiredness is not so pronounced…

Is it all just in my head…or am I helping myself by forcing my brain to walk correctly and taking some strain off my body…

I am going to stick with it another week…see how I go.

I just want to have a life and fed up of sitting in my house watching rubbish T.V. and playing on facebook games at 60 I am not ready to give up a fight…its surprising what a break away can do for the soul.

Right foot…left foot…right foot … left foot … back straight…head up shoulders forward woop woop here i come lol… :mrgreen:

Hi Maria

I know that for myself bad posture while walking had become a habit. I caught sight of myself in a shop window as I was walking, with stick, and it looked really shuffly and I was quite horrified so now I do try and walk as upright as I can, even if it’s slower. And even when standing I make a concious effort to stand as straight as possible and stretch my back. It really does feel better.



I just wanted to say well done you should be so proud of yourself getting up and fighting MS on all it’s levels it’s good to see people not givining in to it and trying to get the most of there life and independence back. Just remember tho Rome was not built in a day little by little and with your determination you will soon be up and about your an inspiration.

Take Care
Don’t forget to carry on giving us up dats on how your doing

Dave :slight_smile: