Just got back from a NNR place at Pegwell Bay. Nice tea Hut and great Bacon Sarnies with Tiger Loaf bread cut in door stops. Had a wonderful walk and took loads of pictures of the wildlife. Some socking great Highland Cattle there to heep the undergrowth down and it was nice and hot with wall to wall sunshine so shirtsleeve order I might even have got a bit burnt. GREAT DAY hope you guys are making the most of the sunshine. XX Don

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Sounds fab Don…nothing like a bit of sunshine, tiger bread and coo’s to make you feel good. Glad you had a wonderful time. Remember to slap on some aftersun…you don’t want to peel Xxx

I barely saw the sun today but it sounds like someone had a lovely day!

I packed up smoking a few months ago so take less breaks during the day but better for purse & lungs :wink:

Sometimes we have non-smoking, smoke breaks at work just to get those little breaks. Not to mention the fact I can’t walk to the shops at lunchtime now - but not missing much there, the shops are truly dreadful…

Sitting on the wall outside the office puffing on my mango e-shisha is about it at the moment but on the plus side, whilst the hours are a bit long, I only actually have to go to work for 4 days a week :wink:

Sonia x

Glad you had such a lovely time!

Weather in London is fab too. Went out shopping yesterday for first time in weeks… and a bit of retail therapy lifted my spirits no end!

Pat x

Been out again today this time to Whitstable and had a wonderful day we went along the sea wall and around the harbour. I took the camera and am now going to edit the pictures, one way to spend a few hours. We stopped of at a fantastic cafe with chairs outside overlooking the sea I had to try a bacon and egg sarnie this time served in homemade wholemeal bread. I know it may sound hard but someone has to do it.

It’s been overcast all today and yesterday in the lake district but I’m off for some retail therapy tomorrow no matter what the weather’s doing. Like Pat, that’ll lift my spirits.

Cath xx


Sounds wonderful and you cant beat a bacon and egg sarnie, especially with brown sauce!

I had a hospital appointment today, so afterwards hubby took me for a bit of retail therapy which was good, sun shine as well.

Pam x

You girls and your shopping. Cath Hope shopping goes well, Pam I skipped on the brown sauce the eggs were runny and the bread was fandabbydodahlous. The girl who works at the place said about the sarnies they do them good coz when she goes out and has a sandwich made tish Tesco sliced white she cant eat it. I have always maintained it cost no more to do it properly than do it badly.

Hi all still trying out this site haven’t a clue what I’m doing hopefully I’ve posted this ok

Just been diagnosed with primary progressive ms lifestyle certainly changes overnight , my friends and family have been great I find myself reading some wonderful comments off people online which is great that complete strangers try to help each other out hopefully I will make new friends, because people on this forum can associate with each other subzero

Hi SubZero You’ll get to meet many nice people here. If you want to start a conversation or ask a question etc click the “New Thread” tab, more people are likely to read it. Take care. Cath x

Hi my name is Emily and for the last two years I have been dealing with rrms a primary progressive and on tysabri, I have got a little baby girl to deal with.

Hi Emily

Welcome to the forum where there are lots of lovely people always willing to listen and offer advice when they can.

It may be better if you start a new thread as more people may see it. If you go to the top of the page and click on ‘new thread’ your question will go to the top of the page. Hope this helps.

Pam x