I'm going to pay for this.

Hello, it’s dark, past midnight and I’ve just sat down.

I will apologise in advance for any typing errors as I have no idea where my glasses are. The sofa was too inviting.

This morning, I vacuumed the carpet. Now that’s like using all my energy credits before nine o’clock.

At nine fifteen I taught my grown-up piano pupil. She focuses really well so I have to as well. All that brain sizzle. Then I tidied the kitchen exchanged items in the dishwasher and stuck the washing on. Then the food delivery arrived. It takes about forty minutes to put the shopping away; that’s without having to re-arrange the freezer to fit the new stuff in. But the freezer is evil.

How many of us have a problem with actually touching cold things. It makes my teeth curl. After sorting out the next load for the dishwasher (I was busy in the kitchen last night), I did the tumble drier and puuting away. I call it random folding. Then my piano pupil’s delightful twins arrived for their half piano lessons. They were climbing the wall. Tis the season.

Now for me, making mince pies is a long and complex operation. I made the mincemeat two weeks ago.

But I had to watch Everton and Arsenal on sky. It wasn’t relaxing. Oh, I also air dried tomatoes and put them in olive oil.

It was the sort of day that made me feel useful.

Mince pie anyone?

Best wishes, Steve.

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Well done Steve, the mince pies sound delightful, i bet you’ll be tired today you sound like you had a very busy day. I’ve used all my energy already. Wednesday is the day i don’t have a carer, and usually it is okay Molly has respite at school on a Tuesday so there’s not the same mess, but this morning Frazer got called short and its unusual for him, but iv’e used all my “spoons” cleaning up , its my own fault i forgot to let him out before we went to bed, thankfully i wasn’t on my best rug.

Michelle xx

Wow Steve you done well…pat on the back time me thinks.

Today will need to be quieter to recover, enjoy those mince pies, unfortunately, I am one of the ‘strange brigade’ who does not enjoy mince pies, Christmas pudding or Christmas cake…but rest assured, my hubby makes up for it lol

Pam x

Well done that man!! Mince pies sound good. As of yet we haven’t had any mince pies Heathers not keen on them which means they are not on her radar when shopping. You certainly use you energy credits up. I had to sleep in until lunch time today just for having my brother visit yesterday. He stayed and treated us to a Chinese meal and after we went to see the boats in Ramsgate harbour all lit up with Christmas lights. I am still knackerd and after reading you exploits I need a lay down.


Mine pies, I’m off the gluten but I ordered some of the Heston ones from Waitrose as they were on special. I also ordered some gift bags when I did the Ocado order, the ones Rob got me from town were really helpful…

This year, I will be wrapping a grand total of zero items Love it!

Probably a good thing right now. My mother-in-law is staying at the moment, as a family member is very ill in hospital - still not sure how that’s going to pan out so I’m glad we can help. She’s kindly been making me tea etc. so there’s been some benefits but I think you all know how fatigue works, in that we have no idea when and how bad it’ll hit! I’m trying to keep an eye on the horizon and be thankful for the good things - I’m glad to say my cousin’s missing boyfriend has been found after being missing for almost a week. It appears that social media can work well sometimes.

It seems we’re in a similar boat, let’s keep our fingers crossed that we somehow we cruise thru somehow.

Sonia x


Yesterday was the evening of falling asleep. A sound night’s sleep was much needed. And today? Well I have friends for dinner on Saturday so a measured day in the kitchen. The preparation has been ongoing at a gentle pace. I can’t believe it but I’m using a notebook. I want to get to the stage where I have very little to do on Saturday.

Best wishes.

Hi Sonia. I’m coeliac so can’t have gluten either. Have you tried the mince pies from ASDA or Morrison’s? They’re really good. My mum buys them now too as she says they’re better than the normal ones she’s tried.

Cath x

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Well done Steve. I hurt my chest muscles (don’t remember how) and haven’t been able to do anything for nearly two weeks. I’m trying to play catch up with the housework, laundry and ironing etc but despite my best attempts I’m getting nowhere fast and as for the cakes I’d hoped to bake today I got as far as getting the ingredients out before I got visitors and I’m on the couch now recovering from that exertion. Do you want to visit here, I could use your energy?

Cath x

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Luckily I’m not a coeliac but I noticed very quickly that gluten make a big difference so I avoid it. I like the morrisons treacle tarts so imagine your right about their mince pies

Sonia x