Now I know

Hello from a bright Crowborough.

Having recently lauded the benefits of cutting right down on dairy in relation to fatigue, I have now discovered my limits.

I didn’t want to heft my great bulk out of the pit this morning following several active days. This involved four trips out, a day with the live wire that is Rose, baking croissants, biscuits and a multitude of Cornish pasties is just about the maximum burn I can expect. The pasties are not really Cornish because, shock, horror, I put carrots in them. These treats are also for other people due to the excessive amounts of butter involved. It’s a sort of hopeful gesture towards hurrying up the flat move.

So I am happy to announce that I can safely burn the candle at both ends but not in the middle. Don’t you laugh at the adverts which tell us that because we lead such busy lives, we obviously need to buy their brand of instant microwavable sausage flavoured crumpets?


Very good Steve. Pushing your limits is awesome. It let’s you know, what’s left in the tank, for if & when. That alone helps us to keep our sanity. In a world that’s gone around the twist. Just got back from the MS group & told yet again, SPMS is the next phase of PPMS. All I know is the nurse keeps saying I have PPMS & I should stop listening to know it alls. And if I take no medication, there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just stupid because my left side doesn’t work properly & it needs to go to school to learn things. So it’s cleverer & stuff like that. I might just cut myself off from this world. It’s far to intellectual for me. Terry

Aww Steve you make me laugh. You never stop . Little Rose has an amazing daddy. I used to do far more when my children were small. I was always baking and one of their favourites was gingerbread men . We always made them and we used jelly tots for their eyes and currants for the buttons. Molly loves baking but she’s not great at cleaning up. Our church is having a refurb. They’ve got everyone helping . I felt sad at first thinking what could I do ? But I’ve put my name and Molly’s down for making cakes . At least we can help provide refreshment for the workers. My sister comes up to help me every fortnight, she’s amazing she doesn’t just clean my house from top to bottom but she makes amazing cakes too. I wish i didnt have this terrible fatigue it leaves me with so little energy, I’d love to do more myself. Michelle and Frazer xx