I knew it


It’s clear that my fatigue has been reduced by cutting down on dairy. But-and I say this quietly, I have more bladder control.

Now that matters. It’s all about fine tuning. Try it, we have nothing to lose.


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That’s really good Steve , anything that reduces the symptoms of ms is really good. Do you think that you can keep it up ? Have you found that it’s improved your mobility? I’d love to get more mobility back. Does the physio help as well or have you stopped having it. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hello Michellle.

I haven’t noticed an improvement in mobility although I still do physio where I walk with parallel bars.

I need to be brave and try a few steps at home.

My left side is very weak however ans I worry about falling.

Steve x woof

Hi Steve

Interesting, have you just cut down or don’t you have any dairy? I have very little milk and butter, both of which I am sure I could do without, but I love cheese. I could definitely cut down on it, but not to have any I know wouldn’t happen.

Think I will try the milk and butter first and have very think sliced cheese, nowt to lose in trying.


Pam x

Hello Pam.

I’ve had a brutal week including a return trip from Sussex to Wakefield. (God’s own country was more like the heat of hades.)

I’ve been out another two times and the housework doesn’t do itself.

I certainly felt it this morning but the miraculous restorative qualities of tea have certainly helped.

Normally it would take days. Now it’s a sleep in followed by an easy day.

Steve x

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Enjoy your rest Steve… you’ve earned it by the sound of things.

Tomorrow hubby, me and our little dog are having a few days at the seaside…yay, hopefully this time I can last for more than one day before an ambulance takes me to hospital! Fingers crossed.

Take care Steve.

Pam x