Dairy and gluten

Surely it’s not a coincidence?

Four months ago I made a decision to minimise my intake of dairy and gluten based foods. I say reduce because tea needs milk and there is always a place for yoghurt. Bread is now a weekend treat.

My fatigue has not disappeared but it seems to be reduced. I still hit the wall but not as often. My sleeping is now epic.

I now eat a lot of salad; I’m good at making it tasty. (Thank-you internet.)

Best wishes, Steve

The tinter web is a useful tool for research. My numerous cups of tea, have been replaced with plain old tap water.

Just awoke from a coma of sleep & put the rubbish out, after a good scrub.

I drifted off to Mad Max.

Keep up with the positive vibe Steve. Whatever helps your health. Do it for yourself!

I just read an advert that says 99% of folks can’t look after themselves. I’m in the 1% of everything apparently.

Always look on the bright side of strife. Terry

ah t…

depends on which context eh?!

physically i need help so i am in the 99% but mentally i am strong so in the 1%

just as well 43% of statistics are wrong?!

e x

Don’t you mean 99% of statistics are wrong. Stay strong e. 1% rules.

99% of folks are lemmings, still wondering why the Dodo became extinct.

They’ll be happy when 99% of life is extinct & enjoy the plastic animals at the zoo.

Whilst I’m watching Mr Magoo on the loo, having a poo. What to do?



i have never gone down this route-no excuses other than for a long time eating was an issue so little and often suits me. this ms is bad enough without further restricting myself of some things i enjoy!

good for u and am glad u r noticing a difference.


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I cut out gluten way before MS blipped any radars. The thing I noticed most obviously ws my ability to wake up in the morning, my Mum says I was like that even as a child, sleep all day and late to bed. One month off gluten and my alarm ceased to be an essential…so when MS dx came it seemed silly to go back onto it.

A few years down the line I stick to a low gluten regime. I’ll eat the occasional KFC, don’t worry too much if it’s in a sauce but still mainly eat GF bread. I know there’s some evidence it works for me tho as even now and then we’ll get regular pizzahut delivered and I’ll get up ate the next day and be a bit groggy, almost like a mild hangover lol.

The funny thing is that during the time I’ve been doing it, the GF market has expanded rapidly, so between Warburtons and M&S alone, there’s so much choice now. I’ve also discovered there’s very few gluten products that I even like now. Aside from the occasional pizzahut, good artisan french bread & Krispy Kreme donuts are the only things that’ll make me cave easily.

I don’t have huge amount of dairy intake either but agree, need milk and yoghurt.

Top tips on GF food are to try are:

Tesco frozen GF profiteroles - just brilliant, hubby will pick those up happily as they’re not obviously GF

M&S GF scotch eggs & pork pies are M&S quality and GF (I’m a food snob, I’d never eaten a scotch egg before I tried these)

Sainsbury’s GF Pecan tarts (pies!) have the best GF partry. I have a pecan pie recipe I’ve made that was great but GF pastry is hard to handle, I couldn’t do it now.

My trick with GF bread, as it’s expensive, only lasts for a couple of days and sticks together if you freeze a loaf. Cheap polythene bags from the pound shop - a warburtons GF seeded loaf wil require 8 bags to split the loaf into 2 slice sections and pop them back in the bag - then can easy go in the freezer so no waste. It takes me 2 minutes to do and Rob just defrosts them in the toaster for me, worth the 2 minute effort methinks.

Sonia x